Ally Venable – Heart of Fire
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Ally Venable - Heart of Fire
The once up-and-coming star, Ally Venable, has not only arrived, but she raised the bar across the Blues-Rock genre with her latest release Heart of Fire. The release features 10 new songs and a rhythmic cover of Use Me by Bill Withers. Heart of Fire features guitar legends Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Devon Allman complementing the guitar wizardry of Ally Venable


Ally Venable - Heart of Fire

Ally Venable - Heart of Fire   

Heat of Fire: Heart Of Fire, Played The Game, Hateful Blues, Road To Nowhere, Bring On The Pain, Hard Change, Do It In Heels, Sad Situation, Use Me, Tribute To SRV, What Do You Want From Me  

Personnel: Alastair Green: vocals, guitars; Corey Duplechin: bass; Tab Benoit: drums, harmonies; Pat Fusco: keys; Jana Misener: cello; Cody Dickinson: drums; Landon Moore: bass; Rick Steff: keys (Track 2); Kenny Wayne Shepherd: lead guitar (Track 5), Devon Allman: lead guitar and vocals (Track 4)  

Ally Venable - Heart of Fire was recorded at Bessie Blue Studios in Stantonville, TN, produced by Jim Gaines except the track Road To Nowhere, which was produced by Devon Allman, and was released on the Ruff Records label. Heart of Fire is Ally Venable's fourth release, and Luxury Experience is  familiar with Ally's powerful style having featured her second release, Ally Venable Band - Puppet Show 

The release opens with the title track Heart of Fire and a blazing guitar solo that paves the way to Ally's Bluesy vocal as she sings, "wait till our life is heart of fire, you can't burn it out, wait till our life is heart of fire, you can't take it out, watch the flames get higher," and she fans the flames with her blistering guitar work. Track 2, Played The Game featuring Rick Steff on keys starts slow with some downhome Southern guitar work weaving along to Ally's vocals, "I been hanging on to now what is gone,.... It's too little too late to take my pain away, no time to reminisce here - played the game...and I lost," but we all win with this catchy track.  

The track Road To Nowhere featuring Devon Allman captures the essence of Ally Venable, direct, powerful, but with a sensitive tenor as she teams up with Devon Allman and lashes out this masterful track. The song Bring on The Pain features another master of the guitar, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, who along with Ally pace this track down a few beats creating a song that will pull at your heart strings with their dueling guitar work.  

The song Hard Change opens up the release with scintillating guitar work, a hard driving baseline and commanding lyrics, "Hey you know it's too late, trying to convince me that this is all a mistake.... all I needed was a friend to help me out when I needed you...moving's a hard change."  The release swings over to the track Do It In Heels a sassy series of guitar changes sets the tone for this statement song, "you can't teach what you can't learn."  

Other tracks on this outstanding release are Sad Situation, Use Me, a rhythmic cover of the Bill Wither's song, Tribute to SRV a poignant instrumental piece that plays to the influence of guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan. The release closes with the track What Do You Want From Me, another sassy Bluesy track that shows off Ally's mastery of pace, presence, and lyrical phrasing, "No matter what I do, it is all the same to you.... it's coming to an end,'s not looking too good for me and you...what do you want from me."  

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