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Olivia Pérez-Collellmir – Olivia

by Debra C. Argen
Olivia Pérez-Collellmir - Olivia
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Barcelona-born pianist, composer, and music director Olivia Pérez-Collellmir now makes her home in Boston, Massachusetts and is on the faculty at Berklee Music. Her self-titled debut release, Olivia, hit the streets on September 15, 2023, and if you love Latin jazz piano, you really need to give this album a listen. Joining Olivia Perez-Collellmir on piano is a multi-talented ensemble of international musicians that make it such an engaging and sensational release.

Olivia Pérez-Collellmir – Olivia

Olivia Pérez-Collellmir – Olivia: Promenade, Cançó Dansa VI, Promenade 2, Angelico (Tangos a Mompou), Promenade 3, Combat del Somni, Promenade 4, Le Tombeau de Couperin, Together, Promenade 5, Granada, Promenade 6, Barcelona

Personnel: Olivia Pérez-Collellmir: piano, John Lockwood: bass, Bertram Lehmann: drums, José Moreno: cajón, Sonia Olla: handclapping, footwork, Ismael Fernandez: handclapping, Flamenco vocalist, Judit Neddermann: vocals (track 6), Amir Milstein: winds, flute, Bengisu Gokce: violin 1, Helen Sherrah-Davies: Violin 2, Josh Wareham: viola, Naseem Alatrash: cello, James Heazlewood Dale: acoustic base, Shradha Ganesh: vocals, Leonardo Prakash: sitar, Fernando Huergo: electric bass, Giri Subramaniam: table, Aleix Tobias: percussion, Loreto de Diego: vocals (track 13)

Music Production by Grammy Nominee Gonzalo Grau for Olivia Pérez-Collellmir – Olivia released on the ADHYĀROPA Records label.

The release opens with the track, Promenade 1, a short composition of 1:06 minutes by Olivia Pérez-Collellmir, that acts as an amuse bouche with Olivia’s stellar piano setting the musical table for what is to follow. She layers in five more of these Promenades throughout the release between compositions, which help segue the music from two compositions by Frederic Mompou (1893 – 1987), one composition by French composer, pianist, and conductor Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), and her own longer compositions.

Next in the playlist is Cançó Dansa VI a lively Catalan flavored composition by Spanish composer and pianist Frederic Mompou and arranged by Gonzalo Grau. Joining Olivia are John Lockwood on bass, and Aleix Tobias. This track is sensational and showcases Olivia’s piano mastery complemented by John Lockwood’s bass.

Promenade 2 (0.56 minutes) slows the pace and then segues into the Frederic Mompou composition Angelico (Tangos a Mompou), arranged by Olivia and Chano Domīnguez. Joining Olivia on piano, are John Lockwood on bass, Bertram Lehmann on drums, José Moreno on cajón, and Sonia Olla and Ismael Fernandez contributing handclapping. This composition has a booming piano intro then segues into pristine piano notes that continue at an up-tempo pace.

Olivia inserts Promenade 3 then shifts into one more composition by Frederic Mompou entitled Combat del Somni, arranged by Gonzalo Grau. Joining Olivia are Judit Neddermann adding her lovely vocals, Amir Milstein on winds, Bengisu Gokce – violin 1, Helen Sherrah-Davies – violin 2, Josh Wareham on viola, Nassem Alatrash on cello, and James Heazlewood Dale on acoustic bass. Next is Promenade 4, followed by the Maurice Ravel composition, Le Tombeau de Couperin, which Olivia arranged. Joining her on piano on this stunning duet piece is Nassem Alatrash on cello.

The release continues with Olivia’s own compositions that really show her impressive talent as a composer, master pianist, and musical director. Playing piano since the age of four, she began studying at The Superior Conservatory of Music in Barcelona at age eight. Olivia is a pianist that makes you sit up and immediately take notice of her talent.

Track 9, Together, is an award-winning composition that features Olivia on piano, Shradha Ganesh – vocals, Leonardo Prakash on sitar, Fernando Huergo on electric bass, Bertram Lehmann on drums, Giri Subramaniam on tabla, José Moreno on cajón, and handclapping by Sonia Olla and Ismael Fernandez. The strong flamenco influence is a standout on the release with Shradha’s captivating vocals.

Another interlude follows with Promenade 5, then bursts into the track, Granada, with flamenco vocalist Ishmael Fernandez also providing handclapping along with Sonia Olla, who also contributes fast paced footwork. This is a breathtaking piece features Amir Milstein on flute, Fernando Huergo on electric bass, Bertram Lehmann on drums, and José Moreno on cajón.

Promenade 6 sparkles with pristine piano notes, then Olivia deftly closes the release with an homage to her birth-city, her award-winning composition entitled, Barcelona, with lyrics by Camila Cortina, and arrangements by Camila and Olivia. Joining Olivia on this grand finale is Loreto de Diego (vocals), Amir Milstein on winds, Bertram Lehmann on drums, José Moreno on cajón, handclapping by Sonia Olla and Ishamel Fernandez, Bengisu Gokce (violin 1), Helen Sherrah-Davies (violin 2), Josh Wareham on viola, Naseem Alatrash on cello, and James Heazlewood Dale on acoustic bass. The composition opens with a long piano intro followed by the haunting strings and progresses and develops into a lively rhythm accented with Loreto de Diego’s vocals. While the entire release is well-crafted, this signature composition is amazing and is a fitting tribute to Barcelona and the talent of one of its shining stars – Olivia Perez-Collellmir. Bravo!

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

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