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Savoy Brown – Ain’t Done Yet

by Edward F. Nesta
Savoy Brown - Ain't Done Yet
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The latest release Ain’t Done Yet from legendary band Savoy Brown continues a decade long approach that lead singer / songwriter / guitarist Kim Simmonds has taken the band through. The Blues Rock sound of Savoy Brown is one of the longest running in existence. The latest 10-track release shows that there is no slowing down in energy or creativity for this legendary trio (Kim Simmonds, Pat DeSalvo, and Garnet Grimm).


Savoy Brown – Ain’t Done Yet

Ain’t Done Yet: All Gone Wrong, Devil’s Highway, River on the Rise, Borrowed Time, Ain’t Done Yet, Feel Like a Gypsy, Jaguar Car, Rocking in Louisiana, SOHO Girl, Crying Guitar

Personnel: Kim Simmonds: vocals, guitars, harmonica, songwriter; Pat DeSalvo: bass; Garnet Grimm: drums

Ain’t Done Yet was released by Quarto Valley Records, which follows their highly acclaimed first release with Quarto Valley Records in 2019, City Night.

Kim Simmonds likes to start his releases off with some energy, and the track All Gone Wrong fits the bill to a tee. Sharp guitar and pounding drums drives the engine and sets the listener up for a truly memorable ride. Devil’s Highway is the second track and reflects life for what it is and that we all must put up with challenges regardless of your specific situation. We run fast and seem to not get to where we want to be, "running so fast on the Devils highway…having my fun on this nowhere train." The guitar work and base line speak to the listener in a harmonious way; you feel the discontent.

The track River on the Rise shows off Kim’s slide guitar talents interlaced with the band’s unique Blues style. Borrowed Time has Kim pulling some equipment from his past as he uses an old "Multivox FullRotor" to allow his guitar to create a unique tone that complements the lyrics. The title track Ain’t Done Yet shows that this trio is far from done as they blaze their way through this song. "I ain’t done yet…no place I can hide, ain’t no way I can fight it, I ain’t done yet."

The band transitions to Feel Like a Gypsy a song that Kim has been working with for years in different forms and after additional "playing around" Kim found the right key and sorted out the lyrics to create a masterful rocking Blues track. My initial listen to a release is without knowing the song titles which allows me to get into the music. So, when the next track rang out, I felt like I was racing my car with a smooth gear transfer for speed and balance, which was appropriate for the track entitled Jaguar Car. The driving boogie sound and lyrics will have you racing in your mind or behind your wheel, so get ready.

The release closes with three tracks that are part of Kim’s background or past. The track Rocking In Louisiana is a nod to where the sound and music that Kim loves was born. The track SOHO Girl was another track that Kim started years ago but was not happy with and which was to be recorded on an earlier album. After a new look at the track the band recorded this hard-hitting song that rips its way across your speakers. The release closes with Crying Guitar an instrumental track that was in Kim’s vault for ages and we are happy he chose this beautiful poignant song to close out the release Ain’t Done Yet.

Websites where you can procure Savoy Brown – Ain’t Done Yet are Amazon, Savoy Brown, and Rough Trade.

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