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Patti Parks – Come Sing With Me

by Edward F. Nesta
Patti Parks - Come Sing With Me
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The release of Patti Parks – Come Sing With Me marks the second release on the VizzTone label and features a Who’s Who of musicians, including a couple duets with Multi-Blues Music Award winner Johnny Rawls, who also plays guitar on three tracks. The release contains 10 refreshing new songs that sway from ballad poignant tracks, to blazing tracks, to down home Blues; Patti Parks – Come Sing With Me has it all.

Patti Parks – Come Sing With Me

Come Sing with Me – I’m In Love With You Baby, DJ’s Boogie (I like to Boogie), One Foot Out The Door, Sing Around The World, I’m Sorry, Hamburger Man, Why, A Lotta Man, How Much Longer, Good Day For The Blues

Personnel: Patti Parks: Vocals; Johnny Rawls: Duet Vocals (1,9) Guitar (8,9,10); Anthony Geraci: Piano (2): Richard Rosenblatt: Harmonica (6); Kimera Lattimore: Background Vocals (4); Zuri Appleby: Background Vocals (4); Robin Grandin: Background Vocals (1,2,7,8,9,10); Anthony Casuccio: Background Vocals (3); Guy Nirelli: Organ, Piano (1,3,5,6,8,9,10); Aaron Blackmon: Organ, Piano, Drums (3,4,7); Aaron Flynt: Guitar, Slide Guitar (1-10); Tony Cammilleri: Base Guitar (1-10); Hugh Arthur: Drums (1,2,5,6,8,9,10); Kenny Thomasula: Congas & Percussion (1,8,9); Kenny Parker: Tenor Sax (1,4,5,6,8,9); John Maguda: Trumpet (1,4,6,8,9); Rich Keller: Trumpet (5)

Patti Parks – Come Sing With Me was produced by Johnny Rawls, Recording and Mixing & Mastering Engineering by 3-time Grammy nominee Anthony Casuccio with Music Arrangement and Co-Producer Patti Parks. The release was recorded at Villa Maria College of Buffalo, NY and released on the VizzTone label. The release of Come Sing With Me marks the second release by Patti Parks under the VizzTone label and contains a refreshing mix of new songs.

The release opens with the slow and poignant track I’m In Love With You Baby, written by Johnny Rawls and Guy Nirelli. This features a beautiful duet with Johnny Rawls with a powerful horn section that is a complement to the inspirational lyrics. The release spins 180-degrees with the bouncy track DJ’s Boogie (I Like to Boogie), which has Anthony Geraci (Mr. G) running the keyboards hot with his mesmerizing finger work.

The release takes the pace down with the track One Foot Out The Door and lets Patti’s vocal prowess take control as she sings, “…I have one foot out the door…you slow dance my denial…” As the release was set up to sway back and forth from heartwarming to up-tempo the next track to pick up the pace is Sing Around the World that leads off with a pulsating horn and drum segment. The Blues track I’m Sorry shows off Patti’s cross-genre range as she captures the depths of that Blues feeling.

The release swings into fun lyrics and melody with the track Hamburger Man as Patti sings “…I’m gonna’ get one of those burgers, no one can cook them like you can…” The track Why is a track written by her husband, Guy Nirelli, that was tailored to highlight Patti’s exceptional vocals.

The release closes with the tracks A Lotta Man, a catchy melody and snappy lyrics, How Much Longer, another slow and heart grabbing track, and the closing track, Good Day For the Blues, an up-tempo keyboard and slide guitar rich track, written by Guy Nirelli, that lets Patti show off her mastery of the Blues.

Websites where you can procure Patti Parks – Come Sing With Me: Rough Trade, Amazon, Proper Music, Blues Music Store, and Grooves Inc.

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