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Chef Frida Ronge Recipes- vRA, Gothenburg, Sweden

Chef Frida Ronge - vRA Restaurant Gothenburg, Sweden - photo by Luxury Experience
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Chef Frida Ronge - vRA Restaurant, Gothenburg, Sweden - photo by Luxury ExperienceSwedish Chef Frida Ronge of vRÅ restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden shares a delicious and inspired taste of West Sweden with her recipe for Halibut with Browned Yuzu Butter. While one might associate meatballs and ligonberries with Swedish cooking, Chef Frida Ronge dares to push the envelope at vRÅ, a top class sushi and raw food restaurant where the focus is deftly combining high quality Swedish ingredients with Japanese flavors. The result is innovative, inspired, and very tasty!


We had the opportunity to meet the talented young chef, Frida Ronge of the acclaimed Gothenburg, Sweden restaurant, vRÅ when she was in New York City for the Try Swedish – A Taste of West Sweden on September 17, 2014, part of the second annual North – Nordic Food Festival New York ’14.

Chef Frida Ronge in the Kitchen

We met Chef Frida Ronge after the luncheon and presentation where we were invited to be on a Try Swedish speakers panel moderated by Kalle Bergman, Editor in Chief and Publisher, Honest Cooking an award-winning international digital culinary magazine, along with Ami Hovstadius of Visit Sweden and Jill Axelsson Pabst of West Sweden Tourist Board and Gothenburg & Co. to discuss our past culinary and touristic experiences visiting West Sweden to provide visitors with insight into what they could expect when visiting the area.

Speaking with Chef Frida Ronge, we learned that she grew up by the sea eating very fresh fish and shellfish as her father was a fisherman who also owned a fish store. From him, she learned about the excellent quality of Swedish products from West Sweden.

As a chef, she discovered and had her first experience with Japanese food and sushi when she worked at Sälen, a ski resort in Sweden for 8 years, and loved it. Three years ago, she started to work with noodles and other Japanese products, deftly combining high quality Swedish ingredients of different raw fish including cod, salmon, and roe with Japanese flavors to create sushi and other raw dishes. This combination has been a culinary marriage destined by the stars, as she was awarded a "Rising Star" by the prestigious White Guide in 2013 and was a silver medalist at the world championships, Seven Sushi Samurai in London. 

Chef Frida Ronge - vRA Restaurant Gothenburg, Sweden - photo by Luxury Experience
Chef Frida Ronge

Chef Frida Ronge graciously shares her recipe for Halibut with Browned Yuzu Butter to provide an inspired taste of vRÅ restaurant, West Sweden, and Gothenburg.

Halibut with Browned Yuzu Butter
Serves 4 

Halibut Ingredients:

Ounces/198 grams (approximate weight)
Halibut, fish should be glossy and high quality
Ounces/142 grams
Yuzu Juice (Werners)
Ounces/57 grams
Bleak Roe
Ounce/21 grams
Banana Shallots
Spring Onions (about 0.75 ounce)
Coarse Salt (Werners)

Pickled Shallots in Sushi Su Ingredients:

Banana Shallots
Fluid Ounces/50 ml
Rice Vinegar

Method for the Pickled Shallots: Heat rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves. Leave to cool. Finely chop the shallots and pickle it in Sushi Su, leaving the onion in the liquid for at least 30-minutes to 1-hour.

Method for the Halibut: Cut the fish into 4 pieces, about 1.25-inch across. Then cut fine, thin slices, approximately 0.10-inch (0.2 cm) towards the gills.

Finely chop the spring onions and prepare the watercress or a similar herb and place on moistened paper in the refrigerator.

Place the halibut on a plate; sprinkle it sparingly with coarse salt. Place approximately 0.75 ounce of pickled onion and a little of the finely chopped spring onion on top of the fish. Then add approximately 1-ounce bleak roe and start browning the butter in a saucepan over medium heat.

Once the butter is browned, add the yuzu juice and stir with a spoon, making sure you reach all the way to the bottom of the pan. Cover the fish with the butter.

Finish: Garnish with watercress.

Read about the Try Swedish luncheon, presentation, and dinner in the Gastronomy section of Luxury Experience.


Thinking about going to Sweden and West Sweden for a visit? For more information, please visit the websites: www.TrySwedish.com, www.WestSweden.com, www.Goteborg.com/en, and www.VisitSweden.com.

"West Sweden, with Gothenburg as its gateway, is rapidly gaining a reputation as the ‘foodie’ capital of northern Europe. This is mainly due to the region’s seafood, ranked amongst the best in the world thanks to the cold, mineral-rich waters."

Going to be in Gothenburg and want to experience Chef Frida Ronge’s cooking at the restaurant vRÅ? For more information, please visit the website: www.RestaurangvRA.se

Drottningtorget 10
SE 411 03, Gothenburg, Sweden
Telephone:      +46-722-477-529
Website:         www.RestaurangvRA.se

For information on Honest Cooking, please visit the website: www.HonestCooking.com.

"Honest Cooking, an award-winning international digital culinary magazine, for the second time teamed up with some of the world’s most influential restaurants for NORTH – the largest ever Nordic Food Festival in the US. New York City showcased amazing Nordic chefs, producers, and flavors to inspire guests to come taste, smell and see what Nordic gastronomy is all about:  www.NorthFoodFestival.com"

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