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Ally Venable Band – Puppet Show

by Debra C. Argen
Ally Venable Band - Puppet Show
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Blues Rocker singer songwriter musician Ally Venable shows a maturity and talent beyond her nineteen years writing all of the music for her 10-track release, Ally Venable Band – Puppet Show released on the Connor Ray Music label. Joined by band members Elijah Owings on drums, and Bobby Wallace on bass, and special guests Gary Hoey, Lance Lopez, Eric Steckel, and Steve Krase, the release is outstanding and makes the Ally Venable Band one to watch.


Ally Venable Band – Puppet Show: Devil’s Son, Bridges To Burn, Cast Their Stones, Backwater Blues, He Caught The Katy, Puppet Show, Comfort In My Sorrows, Survive, Waste It On You, Sleeping Through The Storm

Personnel: The Band: Ally Venable – guitar and vocals, Elijah Owings – drums, Bobby Wallace – bass, Special Guests: Gary Hoey – guitar on Devil’s Son, Lance Lopez – guitar on Bridges To Burn, Eric Steckel – keys on Puppet Show, He Caught The Katy, Survive, Steve Krase – harmonica on Backwater Blues, He Caught The Katy

Ally Venable Band – Puppet Show was produced by Rock Romano, Steve Krase, and Ally Venable and released on the on the Connor Ray Music label.

As a bit of a backstory, Ally Venable at the age of 19 years has already proved her mettle earning the 2014 and 2015 East Texas Female Guitarist of the Year, and the Ally Venable Band earned 2015, 2016, and 2017 honors as East Texas Blues Band of the Year. Make no mistake, Ally Venable and her band comprised of Elijah Owings on drums, and Bobby Wallace on bass, are ones to watch. I believe a meteor is rising with their talent. If you have a chance to catch a live performance, do so.

The 10-track release opens with the instrumentally explosive Devil’s Son featuring Gary Hoey on guitar and Ally Venable’s powerful vocals that sets the pace and lets you know that this is not some timid little release, but rather one to sit up and take notice.

There lease continues with Bridges To Burn where Ally is joined by mentor Lance Lopez on guitar. Ally’s lyrics and vocals combined with Lance Lopez’s instrumentalism make this song a winner. Next up is Cast Their Stones, where drummer Elijah Owings struts his stuff to perfection.

Bluesman Steve Krase’s harmonica adds the right bit of spice to the slow and sultry Backwater Blues, then the band segues into He Caught The Katy featuring Eric Steckel on keys and Steve Krase returns on harmonica. The title track, Puppet Show, is just outright fabulous and features Eric Steckel on keys.

Ally’s talent as an accomplished guitarist shines through on Comfort In My Sorrows, which has a long instrumental piece that rocks. Ally and the band pick up the pace on Survive where the slamming guitar opening rhythms punctuate the air like an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence. Eric Steckel layers in keys to make this an extra fine song.

Elijah Owings’ drum kit opens up track 9, Waste It On You, which is another well-crafted and delivered song. The release deftly closes with the high-octane Sleeping Through The Storm, providing the East Texas band with a Blues album that shines brightly like a new copper penny in the sun.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

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