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Blood Brothers – Live in Canada

by Edward F. Nesta
Blood Brothers - Live in Canada
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The latest release from Mike Zito and Albert Castiglia (aka The Blood Brothers) is Blood Brothers – Live in Canada, which is a tour-de-force in live Blues and Rock & Roll. The release features many of their songs from the critically acclaimed release Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers that was released in March 2023. The Blues and Rock & Roll are in good hands, and voice, when performed by Mike Zito and Albert Castiglia.


Blood Brothers – Live in Canada

Live in Canada – My Sweet Mama, Tooth And Nail, In My Soul, Fool Never Learns, A Thousand Heartaches, No Good Woman, My Business, Hill Country Jam, You’re Gonna Burn, Bag Me, Tag Me, Take Me Away, Gone To Texas, Rockin’ In The Free World

Personnel: Mike Zito: Guitar, Vocals; Albert Castiglia: Guitars, Vocals; Doug Byrkit: Bass; Matt Johnson: Drums, Percussion; Ephraim Lowell: Drums, Percussion; Lewis Stephens: Piano, Organ

Blood Brothers – Live in Canada was produced by Mike Zito, mastered by Kid Andersen, and released on the Gulf Coast Records label. The Live in Canada release is the live version of the recent release, Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers, which hit the market in March 2023 and was reviewed in the Music Scene section of Luxury Experience (Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers). In addition, Luxury Experience experienced the Blood Brothers live in April 2023 at the Fairfield Theatre Company in Fairfield, CT and wrote about it in the Performances section of Luxury Experience.

The release opens with the track Hey Sweet Mama, written by Mike Zito, that set the table for a blistering live session and let the audience know that this would be a night to remember. The give and take between two Blues guitar aficionados takes your breath away. The next track is Tooth and Nail, written by Tinsley Ellis, which continues the tradeoff of guitar riffs and a powerful baseline that holds everything together.

In My Soul, written by Mike Zito, provides a break for both the band members and the audience to catch their breath. This is a poignant track with beautiful lyrics and a melody that will tug at your heart strings. They transition to the track Fool Never Learns, written by Fred James, which leans on the vocal prowess of Mike Zito, whose vocals are rich with that signature Blues phrasing. Albert Castiglia drops in a winner that features Albert’s great Blues vocals and mesmerizing guitar work, with his ballad track, A Thousand Heartaches.

The track No Good Woman, written by Mike Zito, highlights Mike Zito’s vocals and guitar work that capture the Blues to perfection. There is no shortage of compelling tracks on this release as it feature the tracks My Business, a pounding track with catchy lyrics, "My baby don’t like my business…," Hill Country Jam, that leads with the drums setting the timing while the guitars sit on the pulsating baseline, You’re Gonna Burn, a love song written for Mike Zito by his friend Fred James, and Mike captures the feelings though his vocals and fingers, and then transition to a "happy love song" with Bag Me, Tag Me, Take Me Away.

They close the night out with the tracks Gone To Texas, written by Mike Zito, a slow burner of a track with poignant lyrics and guitar riffs that catch your breath at every transition, and they close with the cover track, Rockin’ in the Free World, written by Neil Young and Franks Sampedro, and rockin’ is what they do. What a way to close out an evening of exceptional music by two musical afficionados who know how to present the feelings and emotions of Blues and Rock & Roll.

Websites where you can procure Blood Brothers – Live in Canada: Gulf Coast Records, Rough Trade, Collectors’ Choice Music, Proper Music

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