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The Twangtown Paramours – Double Down On A Bad Thing

by Debra C. Argen
The Twangtown Paramours - Double Down On A Bad Thing
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The Nashville-based blues rock band, The Twangtown Paramours have a great third album with the release of The Twangtown Paramours – Double Down On A Bad Thing, which hits the streets on February 4, 2022. Joining Marybeth Zamer and Mike T. Lewis are Shawn Pelton, Dave Keyes, Steve Conn, Ed Alstrom, Will Barrow, Mark Deffenbaugh, Gary DiBenedetto, Dan Nigro, and Vinnie Cutro. Hold on to your hats as Marybeth Zamer belts out the numbers that will have you cheering and singing along to the catchy Mike T. Lewis lyrics.


The Twangtown Paramours – Double Down On A Bad Thing

The Twangtown Paramours – Double Down On A Bad Thing: Double Down On A Bad Thing, That’s What The Blues Are For, Talk About Peace, Anyone But You, Comin’ Back, Whoa Nellie, Love Is A Stranger, Some Other Day, I Miss You I Thought You Were, Sincerely Yours No More, Alright Again, Bonus Track: My Gingerbread Man

The Twangtown Paramours – Double Down On A Bad Thing Personnel: Marybeth Zamer: vocals, Mike T. Lewis: guitars, keys, bass, vocals, Shawn Pelton: drums and percussion, Dave Keyes: B-3 (tracks 2, 5, 7, 11), piano (track 11), Wurlitzer (tracks 2, 5), Rave Tesar: piano (track 9), Steve Conn: piano (track 7), Ed Alstrom: piano (track 12), Will Barrow: organ (track 9), piano pre-production: track 9, Mark Deffenbaugh: Lap Steel (track 10), Gary DiBenedetto: Pedal Steel (track 9), Dan Nigro: baritone and tenor sax, Vinnie Cutro: trumpet

The Twangtown Paramours – Double Down On A Bad Thing was produced by Mike T. Lewis and released on the Inside Edge Records label.

Mike T. Lewis demonstrates his writing prowess having written 9 of the 12 songs on the release, and shares writing credits for the remainder writing with Dave Keyes on That’s What The Blues Are For and Comin’ Back, and with Marybeth Zamer on My Gingerbread Man.

The 12-track release opens with the title track, Double Down On A Bad Thing, an up-tempo song with a great drum intro about unrequited love and where "the love of her life" considers her only a fling. Next in the playlist is the slow and sultry That’s What The Blues Are For, a stunning definitive rock blues song written by Mike T. Lewis and Dave Keyes. Marybeth’s gorgeous vocals and some ‘mighty’ fine guitar and bass by Mike T. Lewis with Dave Keyes layering in on the B-3 and Wurlitzer makes this song a standout.

The release continues with Talk About Peace, which questions whether "…will you love your neighbor, will you turn the other cheek, or just talk about love, talk about peace…" The track Anyone But You slows the pace on this lament about choosing the wrong one in your life. Marybeth belts it out on the Mike T. Lewis and Dave Keyes song, Comin’ Back where the catchy lyrics state, "…I’m comin’ back, I’m comin’ back, but I ain’t comin’ back to you…"

Mike T. Lewis takes over the vocals on the track, Whoa Nellie, a fun romp of a blues song with great lyrics. Slowing the pace, the release slides into Love Is A Stranger a poignant song about the lack of love in one’s life. Dave Keyes plays the B-3 and Steve Conn plays piano on this one.

Some Other Day picks up the pace, then continues with I Miss Who I Thought You Were, a slow lament with Mike T. Lewis vocals, Rave Tesar on piano, Will Barrow on the organ, and Gary DiBenedetto on pedal steel.

Sincerely Yours No More is another gorgeous, sultry blues track followed by Alright Again a beautiful song with Dave Keyes playing a B-3 to complement Marybeth’s vocals. The release closes with My Gingerbread Man, written by husband-and-wife team, Mike T. Lewis and Marybeth Zamer, with stellar piano by Ed Alstrom and horns by Dan Nigro and Vinnie Cutro.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

For information on The Twangtown Paramours and upcoming shows, please visit the website: www.thetwangtownparamours.com

Listen to a teaser video of That’s What The Blues Are For: https://www.thetwangtownparamours.com/media

Websites where you can purchase The Twangtown Paramours – Double Down On A Bad Thing:https://www.thetwangtownparamours.com/shop

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The Twangtown Paramours Website: www.thetwangtownparamours.com

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