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Chris BadNews Barnes – BadNews Travels Fast

by Edward F. Nesta
Chris BadNews Barnes - BadNews Travels Fast
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The debut release of Chris BadNews Barnes – BadNews Travels Fast, on the Gulf Coast Label, is 11 original Blues and Rock tracks backed by a Who’s Who of musicians Tom Hambridge, Kenny Greenberg, Mike Rojas, Max Abrams, Steve Patrick, Tabitha Fair and Tommy MacDonald. Chris’ stellar and powerful vocals and creative songwriting creates a captivating release.

Chris BadNews Barnes – BadNews Travels Fast

BadNews Travels Fast  – BadNews Travels Fast, True Blues, You Right Baby,  A Bluesman Can’t Cry, The Juice Ain’t Worth The Squeeze, BluesBaller Baby, His Majesty The Baby, Skin To Skin, Ambushed By The Blues, Do The Houdini, Mushrooms Make Me A Fun Guy; Jimmy Hall: Harmonica (tracks 1 & 4); Sugaray Rayford: Vocals; Walter Trout: Guitar (track 2)

Personnel: Chris BadNews Barnes: Lead Vocals; Tom Hambridge: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals; Kenny Greenberg: Guitars; Mike Rojas: Keyboards; Max Abrams: Saxophone; Steve Patrick: Trumpet; Tabitha Fair: Background Vocals; Tommy MacDonald: Bass

Chris BadNews Barnes – BadNews Travels Fast was engineered by Zach Allen, produced by multi-GRAMMY® Winner Tom Hambridge, recorded at Soundstage Studios, Nashville, TN, and released on the Gulf Coast Records label. Though this is Chris’s fifth release; BadNews Travels Fast marks the debut release on the Gulf Coast Records label.

The release contains 11 original tracks co-written by Chris Barnes, Tom Hambridge and Richard Fleming. The title track, BadNews Travels Fast, opens the release and lays the foundation for Chris Barnes’ sound with high energy guitar work, punchy harmonica work by Jimmy Hall, a hounding bass line, and Bluesy vocals from Chris. The release transitions to a poignant track, True Blues, with Chris’ vocals ringing in the heart wrenching lyrics and sassy guitar work to complement the feeling.

The Bluesy track, You Right Baby, is a catchy singing trade off with Chris and Sugaray Rayford while the band bangs out the Blues on bass, drums and backing vocals. They slow it down with the track, A Bluesman Can’t Cry, with a somber melody and a subtle bass line carrying Chris’ vocals.

The track, The Juice Ain’t Worth The Squeeze, is a Jump Blues track with resounding saxophone work by Max Abrams and tantalizing finger work on the keyboards by Mike Rojas. The tempo is turned up with the track, BluesBaller Baby, which lets the band’s energy run wild resulting in a powerful and resonating track.

Chris has fun with the tracks, His Majesty The Baby and Skin To Skin, showing his creativity with lyrics and melody. His vocals are at the forefront while the band hones in on the song’s “message.” Ambushed By The Blues, is a raw emotional track that centers on Chris’ deep vocals.

The release closes with the tracks, Do The Houdini, a statement to slipping out of a relationship covered with sassy guitar work, and the psychedelic track, Mushrooms Make Me A Fun Guy, with Chris singing “…mushrooms make me a fun guy, a little dose will do ya…,” a fun track to close out a creative and expressive blues release. 

Websites where you can procure Chris BadNews Barnes – BadNews Travels Fast:  Gulf Coast Records, Amazon, Tower Records, Rough Trade, and Apple Music. 

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