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Eliane Elias – time and again

by Edward F. Nesta
Eliane Elias - time and again
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Eliane Elias – time and again

The latest release from Multi-Grammy® Award Winner Eliane Eliasi – Eliane Elias – time and again is a stunning album from this renowned Jazz artist. The release features a Who’s-Who of international musicians, a duo with renowned Brazilian composer and singer Djavan, and of course the stellar piano work and vocals of Eliane Elias.

Time and Again  – At First Sight, Falo do Amor, It’s Time, How Many Times, Sempre, A Volta, Making Honey, Too Late  

Personnel: Eliane Elias: Vocals, Piano, Keyboards ; Djavan: Vocals 5; Mark Kibble: Background Vocals (1,2,3,6,7,8); Bill Frisell: Guitar (4,8); Conrado Goys: Gitar (2,5,6); Daniel Santiago: Guitar (1,7); Marcus Teixeira: Guitar (1,3,7); Mike Mainieri: vibraphone (4); Marc Johnson: Acoustic Bass (1,3,4,7); Marcelo Mariano: Electric Bass (2,5,6); Peter Eskine: Drums (3); Edu Ribeiro: Drums (1,7); Cuca Teixeira: Drums (2,5,6); Marivaldo dos Santos: Percussion (1); Davi Vieira: Percussion (4) 

Eliane Elias – time and again was produced by Multi-Grammy® Award Winner Eliane Elias, Marc Johnson, and Steve Rodby, recorded at Dissenso Studio (São Paulo), Sear Sound (New York) and Em Casa (Rio de Janeiro), and released on the Candid Records label. With over 30 releases across her stellar career, along with numerous compilations and collaborations, Eliane Elias is someone who is devoted in her desire to share her musical gifts, and her success is a testament to her audience’s acceptance.   

time and again is eight (8) original tracks that blends her Brazilian heritage along with her international musical flair. The release opens with the track, At First Sight, a soft and beautiful track to open the release and features Eliane’s amazing piano work, vocals, and her unique arrangements that capture the listener’s attention. The release transitions to her element with the fast-paced samba influenced track, Falo do Amor. I find the Portuguese language beautiful and flowing and Eliane’s vocals are all that and more on Falo do Amor.

The track, It’s Time, carries great background harmonies to complement Eliane’s vocals and ride on her amazing piano work. How Many Times, is another beautiful and passionate track that opens with a slight percussion line complementing the subtle vocals and poignant keyboards. The track, Sempre, features the legendary Brazilian composer and singer Djavan in a moving duo.

The track, A Volta, is another alluring samba influenced track that is followed by the track, Making Honey, an up-tempo song featuring the outstanding guitar work of Daniel Santiago and Marc Johnson on bass. The release closes with the track, Too Late, a moving track that is laid down in soft under tones that allows Eliane’s vocals to echo the deep feelings of a relationship.

Websites where you can procure Eliane Elias – Time and Again: Spotify, Proper Music,  Amazon and Apple Music.

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