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Soul Cafe: Step Aside

by Debra C. Argen
Soul Cafe - Step Aside
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After a whirlwind of holiday preparations and travel, I am delighted to be back at my desk and sliding into the new year with the album Soul Café: Step Aside featuring Ed Starrett on guitar, Jerry Scruggs on keyboard/organ, Jason Swagler on saxophone/flute/keys, Tim Quarells on drums, Bud Quarells on bass, and Donald Williams on percussion. This 8-track instrumental jazz album hits all the right notes for a perfect Soul Café infused 2022.


Soul Café: Step Aside

Soul Café: Step Aside: Major Over Minor, It’s On The Way Step Aside, Sunset In May, Great Things, Unspoken Request, Another Cup, Back Home

Soul Café: Step Aside Personnel: Ed Starrett: guitar, Jerry Scruggs: keyboard/organ, Jason Swagler: saxophone/flute/keys, Tim Quarells: drums, Bud Quarells: bass, Donald Williams: percussion

Soul Café: Step Aside was produced by Jason Swagler and released on the Autumn Hill Records label. A collaborative writing release, Ed Starrett, Jerry Scruggs, Tim Quarells, and Jason Swagler each contribute original songs that make this release a standout. This is the band’s first studio release in 18 years. After a lengthy battle of fighting leukemia, Ed Starrett has his condition under control and writes of the release, "The title Step Aside has a couple of meanings for me. We as a band are stepping aside from what we’ve done in the past a way and bringing our own identity to the forefront. On a more personal level, I was able to walk through a very dark, challenging, and difficult time while keeping this band together and moving forward. So for me, Step Aside means that I can finally put that chapter behind me."

The 8-track release opens with the Jerry Scruggs song, Major Over Minor, which is pure magic and runs 7:52 minutes of listening pleasure. Great keys work by Jerry lends this track its elegance, body, and cohesiveness, and Jason Swagler complements the piece with stellar horn work.

Next up is another Jerry Scruggs song, It’s On The Way, which is a well-crafted piece that sings. Ed Starrett penned the title track, Step Aside, which brings on the funk. The release continues with another Jerry Scruggs song, Sunset In May, which slows the pace, is absolutely stunning, runs 7:11 minutes, and delivers an exceptional and long track.

The playlist continues with the Tim Quarells song, Great Things, which flows effortlessly, followed by the Ed Starrett song that shows his composition prowess on Unspoken Request, where handclaps lead the way for this rhythmic and dynamic progressive jazz song.

Heading into the home stretch of the release is Another Cup written by Jason Swagler, which is Latin-infused jazz. The release closes with the track, Back Home, written by Jerry Scruggs, where he brings on the funk. Exceptional guitar work by Ed Starrett and bass by Bud Quarells make this track shine, along with fabulous saxophone by Jason Swagler.

From start to finish, Soul Café: Step Aside celebrates the band’s first studio release in 18 years, and the album delivers a high bar of jazz excellence.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

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