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Alastair Greene – Standing Out Loud

by Edward F. Nesta
Alastair Greene Standing Out Loud
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The latest release by Alastair Greene – Standing Out Loud was developed with a feel for the “old-school-sound” and a “concise and to the point” recording, which is achieved in spectacular fashion. The release is split between 8 studio session tracks and 3 live session tracks, which show the musical prowess of Alastair’s writing, guitar work, and mesmerizing vocals.

Alastair Greene – Standing Out Loud

Standing Out Loud  – You Can’t Fool Me, Slow Burn, Only Do, In Trouble, The Last To Cry, Trouble Blues, Am I To Blame?, Standing Out Loud, Temptation, Rusty Dagger, Bullfrog Blues 

Personnel: Alastair Greene: Guitar, Lead Vocals; Todd  Bolden: Bass; Adam Abrashoff: Drums, Percussion; Mark Epstein: Bass; Kevin Hall: Drums; Steve Patrick: Trumpet; Tabitha Fair: Background Vocals; Tommy MacDonald: Bass

Alastair Greene – Standing Out Loud – The Nashville Sessions was engineered by JD Simo, produced by Alastair Greene and Co-producer JD Simo, The Austin Sessions was engineered by Hunter St. Marie and produced by Alastair Greene and released on the Ruf Records label. Though this is Alastair’s eleventh release; Standing Out Loud marks the debut release on the Ruf Records label. The stellar release contains 11 original tracks with 10 written by Alistair Greene.

The concept for the release was a look at “old-school-sounding” records via tempo, length, and lyrics with a focus towards, as Alastair commented, “a concise and to the point” recording. The release contains 8 studio tracks, The Nashville Sessions, and 3 live tracks, The Austin Sessions.

The 8 studio Nashville Session tracks open with a burst of energy on the track, You Can’t Fool Me, and features the blazing guitar work of Alastair and a hard pounding baseline wrapped around Alastair’s rocking vocals. The tempo is slowed down with the track, Slow Burn, with a 70s format for lyrics, rhythm and melody that shines brightly. The release transitions to the track, Only Do, that kicks off with “chant” vocals to set the tone followed by honky-tonk guitar work.

The track, In Trouble, is an excellent mix of Blues and Rock-n-Roll with great vocals and short but powerful guitar solos. The Last To Cry is a Blues down and dirty track as Alastair sings, “…It came to me last night, just why I have been so down…” The session tracks close with Trouble Blues, Am I To Blame, and the title track, Standing Out Loud. Each track shows off the guitar and vocal prowess of Alastair along with solid Blues and Rock melodies to get you “rockin’ out.”

The live Austin Session tracks open with a little Blues temptation on the track, Temptation, featuring a pulsating base section and creative guitar solos dropped around bluesy vocals. A live track means letting yourself feel the moment and opening up, and the  band is in the “moment” on the track, Rusty Dagger. The track starts off soft and subtle with underlying guitar and bass cutaways as Alastair sings, “ …I tried so hard to see it your way….your words are like a rusty dagger they cut deep and leave a scar…,” a moving track that has to be listened to again-and-again. The release closes with the track, Bullfrog Blues, which opens with light finger picking on the guitar and Alastair on vocals before the they put the pedal to the metal and let it rip and close a sensational release and a look back in time to the “old-school-sound.”

Websites where you can procure Alastair Greene – Standing Out Loud:  Amazon, Amoeba Music, Best Buy, Darkside Records, Barnes & Noble, and Rough Trade. 

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