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Deb Ryder: Live And Havin’ Fun

by Edward F. Nesta
Deb Ryder - Live And Havin' Fun
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Deb Ryder’s latest release, Deb Ryder: Live And Havin’ Fun, released on the VizzTone Label Group, is exactly that. Deb opens her 14-track stellar release with the track, Fun Never Hurt No One, that is straight out of the box fabulous with its phenomenal horn intro to complement Deb Ryder’s raspy vocals that were meant to sing the Blues. From there it just keeps getting better and better. Put your dance shoes on baby and get ready to have fun as you give this release a listen; I sure did! This release hit the streets on April 12, 2024.

Deb Ryder: Live and Havin’ Fun

Deb Ryder: Live And Havin’ Fun: Fun Never Hurt No One, Enjoy the Ride, Temporary Insanity. Bring The Walls Down, Might Just Get Lucky, Ma Misere, Goodbye Baby, Get Ready, Guilty As Sin, I’m Coming Home, Prisoner Of War, Hold On, Any Bottle On The Shelf, Blues Is All I Got 

Personnel: Deb Ryder: vocals, Special Guests: Albert Lee (tracks 3,6, 13), Joe Sublett (track 1), Joey Delgado (track 4), Artur Menezes (track 7), Big Llou Johnson (track 4); The Players: Johnny Lee Schnell, Tony Braunagel, Jim Pugh, Ric W. Ryder, Tex Nakamura, Alan Maggini, Lon Price, Paul Litteral; Van G. Garrett: Spoken Word

Deb Ryder and Ric W. Ryder produced the release as well as co-wrote all the songs. This live album, Deb Ryder’s sixth album to date, was recorded at The Mint Los Angeles, and released on the VizzTone Label Group.

Recorded live at The Mint Los Angeles gives the release extra energy, and with blazing horns leading the way, the result is a phenomenal release by the award-winning Blues singer/songwriter Deb Ryder. A Blues veteran with five previous releases under her talented belt, she knows how to deliver the musical goods that will have you listening to every word she sings. Deb Ryder: Live And Havin’ Fun opens with the track, Fun Never Hurt No One, and you know that the party is just getting started the minute this song starts.  

Next on the playlist is Enjoy The Ride that takes it slow so that you can sit back and yes, enjoy the ride. Temporary Insanity and Bring The Walls Down, are also worthy components on this live recording. Might Just Get Lucky, is slow, sultry, and sexy, so grab your honey and get ready to slow dance to this one. The instrumentals and piano work excel on this one, and as well as throughout the release. Deb and Ric have crafted a mighty fine compilation of songs that highlight Deb’s amazing vocals and the musical prowess of the extremely talented musicians. 

The pace picks up on Ma Misere with its catchy Zydeco beat that is downright addictive. You may need to replay this song a few times before moving on to listening to the rest of the release, it’s that good. Deb brings on the funk with Goodbye Baby, then slides into Get Ready, followed by more great tracks with the songs, Guilty As Sin, I’m Coming Home, Prisoner Of War, and Hold On. 

Deb and Ric have fun with the lyrics on Any Bottle On The Shelf, “…I do my drinking by myself…” and not being too particular will take “…any bottle on the shelf.” The release wraps up with the last song, Blues Is All I Got, and that is all you need, tied up with a bright and beautiful Blues bow.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

For more information on Deb Ryder or upcoming shows, please visit her website: https://www.debryder.com/ 

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