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Tad Robinson – Real Street

by Debra C. Argen
Tad Robinson - Real Street
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Tad Robinson – Real Street is a perfect Soulful Blues harmonica-driven album released on the Severn Records, Inc. label to help you ease into Autumn as it hits the streets in September 2019. The 10-track release is a well-crafted blend of original music and four select covers that will have you in the mood for dancing to the Blues. Tad Robinson and his band, Charles Hodges, Leroy Hodges, Howard Grimes, Kevin Anker, Marc Franklin, Kirk Smothers, and Devin B.Thompson deliver the musical goods on a Soulful Blues release that deserves recognition.



Tad Robinson – RealStreet

Tad Robinson – Real Street: Changes, Full Grown Woman, Search Your Heart, Love In The Neighborhood, Wishing Well Blues, You Got It, You Are My Dream, Make It With You, Real Street, Long Way Home

Personnel: Tad Robinson: vocals, harmonica, Charles Hodges: Hammond organ, Leroy Hodges: bass, Howard Grimes: drums, Kevin Anker: Wurlitzer electric piano, Marc Franklin: trumpet and horn arrangements, Kirk Smothers: saxophone, Devin B. Thompson: background vocals

Tad Robinson – Real Street was produced by David Earl and Tad Robinson on the Severn Records, Inc. label.

Talented Brooklyn, New York native Tad Robinson is no stranger to the Blues having received eight Blues Music Award nominations. As a singer, songwriter, and harmonicist, Tad Robinson is the perfect frontman for his Soulful Blues interpretation.

The 10-track album, Tad Robinson- Real Street, released on the Severn Records, Inc. label on September 13,2019, opens with the up-tempo song, Changes, written by Ken Saydak, and Tad Robinson that gets the party started.

Tad and the band bring it down a notch and take it nice and slow on another original song, sliding into Full Grown Woman, written by Tad Robinson, Kevin Anker, David Earl, and Devin B.Thompson, then segue into the fabulous cover of the George Jackson, Raymond Moore song, Search Your Heart.

Tad Rbbinson
Tad Robinson

Next on the playlist is the song, Love In The Neighborhood about finding love and temptation close to home, writtenby Tad Robinson and Steve Gomes. Wishing Well Blues, which Tad wrote with Steve Gomes, follows, and may just be my favorite song on the release, although there are many, as it flows effortlessly. The band beautifully covers the 1989 song, You Got It written by Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne off Roy Orbison’s Mystery Girl album, then segues into the great cover of the Henry Williams and Charles Watts’ song, You Are My Dream.

The release continues with another cover, Make It With You written by David Gates in 1970 and recorded by the band, Bread. Coming into the final stretch of the album, Tad and the band slide into the original title track, Real Street, which is another excellent collaboration between Tad Robinson and Steve Gomes. The musicianship on this song comes fully into play with horns and harmonica blazing and guitar riffs that will have you hitting the play button again.

Tad and the band deftly close outthe release with the song, Long Way Home, written by Tad Robinson, David Earl, and Lou Pride, and John P. Bean. Tad Robinson – Real Street is about as real as you can get with Soulful Blues, so give it a listen or two and be prepared to be impressed.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

For information on Tad Robinson and upcoming tour schedule in the USA and Europe, please visit the website: www.TadRobinson.com

Website where you can procure Tad Robinson – Real Street: Amazon.com, iTunes, Spotify.

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