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Mike Zito – Resurrection

by Edward F. Nesta
Mike Zito - Resurrection
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Mike Zito’s latest release, Mike Zito – Resurrection, shows another side and depth from this extraordinary musician. Mike’s mastery of the guitar is legendary, but Resurrection shows a depth in the lyrics, melodies, and order of tracks to tell a story and create a musical journey. Sharing in his journey are Zach Zito, Matthew Johnson, Doug Byrkit, Lewis Stephens, Eric Demmer, Fernando Castillo, and Lisa Leuschner Andersen.


Mike Zito – Resurrection

Resurrection: I’ll Make Love To You, Don’t Bring Me Down, Dreaming Of You, In My Blood, Presence Of The Lord, When It Rains, You Don’t Have Me, Damned If I Do, Running Man, Evil, Resurrection

Personnel: Mike Zito: Vocals, Guitars; Zach Zito: Acoustic Guitars; Matthew Johnson: Drums, Percussion; Doug Byrkit: Bass Guitar; Lewis Stephens: Piano, Organ, Wurlitzer; Eric Demmer: Saxophone; Fernando Castillo: Trumpet; Lisa Leuschner Andersen: Backing Vocals

Mike Zito – Resurrection was produced by longtime friend and Grammy-winner David Z, who has collaborated with Mike on 7 prior releases, and was released on the Gulf Coast Records label. Along with this being a tasty release, Resurrection’s cover art is a nod to the past when vinyl releases featured interesting and creative artwork. The cover art is an original painting by the amazing South Korean Artist Yool Kim, which captures the feeling of soul and light at the end of struggle.

The release has 8 original tracks and 3 covers for a scintillating 11 tracks; Mike noted, "Resurrection is an album of feelings, emotions, and is very personal." He wrote and recorded the music that he felt strongest about and that he wanted to share with the world.

The release opens with the JJ Cale track I’ll Make Love To You, a nice table setting song featuring Mike’s fresh vocals and expressive blues guitar work. The next track, Don’t Bring Me Down, places his vocal in a synthesizer and he matches the sound on his guitar resulting in a sassy track that is catchy and very creative. The track Dreaming Of You has a raw passion emanating though the lyrics and melody, you feel the pain and wanting, "When I close my eyes, I start to fantasize it’s true, Everywhere I do, I keep turning back to you…I’m dreaming, Dreaming of you, That’s all I do."

The track In My Blood is blues down and dirty with a simple cymbal tapping and slight drumming to wrap around Mike’s vocal with great backing vocals from Lisa Leuschner Andersen. The Eric Clapton cover Presence Of The Lord could only be done if your heart and mind captured the deep feeling that Eric Clapton envisioned when he wrote and recorded this track, and to say that Mike captured the energy and feeling would be an understatement, a tour de force of a cover. When It Rains is a bench press of a track as the drums pound out a penetrating beat that drives Mike’s lyrics, "Lost so much so fast, My head’s spinning for days, I thought this woman she loved me…. If I was a gambling, I’d place a bet on the door…They say once you hit bottom, Only place to go is up…When it rains it pours…"

You Don’t Have Me drives up the spirit and tempo with some ‘finger-licking’ guitar work complementing Mike’s vocals, "What’s it gonna’ be when I’m up and gone, What’s it gonna be when you’re all alone…. You got everything that you wanted, Everything that you need, But you don’t have me, No.you don’t have me." The track Damned If I Do is blues the way blues was born, grabbing at the heart, drawing you in and capturing your presence, as Mike felt this release was, "songs, stories, and sonic waves of electric guitar that convey darkness before dawn," and this track has it all.

The release closes with the tracks Running Man, another stellar mix of great lyrics and blazing guitar work, the Willie Dixon cover of Evil where the band unwinds and let loose, and the closing and title track Resurrection, which tells the story of searching, finding, and realizing it was always in front of you, "I was searching for the truth, I finally realized all my searching ends with you, We need a resurrection, Yes we need a second chance, So I pray for one more, Just one more slow dance" a poignant and heartfelt closing track to another memorable release from Mike Zito; make sure you give this a spin and add it to your collection.

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