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Nora Jean Wallace – Blues Woman

by Debra C. Argen
Nora Jean Wallace - Blues Woman
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Nora Jean Wallace has a voice that was made to sing the blues, a voice that will knock you off your feet and demand your attention and thank goodness for that. After taking a break from singing to care for her mother, she returns full force with an album, Nora Jean Wallace – Blues Woman, released by Severn Records, Inc. label that is absolutely stunning. Joining Nora Jean are Kim Wilson, Johnny Moeller, David Earl, Steve Gomes, Kevin Anker, Steve Guyger, Stanley Banks, and Robb Stupka. The release hits the streets on October 30, 2020.


Nora Jean Wallace – Blues Woman: Martell, I Can’t Stop, I’m A Blues Woman, Evidence, Victim, Rag & Bucket, Look Over Yonder, I’ve Been Watching You, Dance With Me, I Don’t Have to Beg You to Love Me

Nora Jean Wallace – Blues Woman Personnel: Nora Jean Wallace: vocals, Johnny Moeller: guitar (all tracks except 5), David Earl: guitar (tracks 2, 5, 8, 10), Steve Gomes: bass, Kevin Anker: organ, Kim Wilson: harmonica (track 6), Steve Guyger: harmonica, Stanley Ban: keyboards, and Robb Stupka: drums

Nora Jean Wallace – Blues Woman was produced by David Earl on the Severn Records label.

Although Nora Jean Wallace (formerly Nora Jean Bruso) was new to Luxury Experience’s radar, she has paid her Blues dues. Born in the Mississippi Delta, she moved to Chicago and honed and cultivated the distinctive Chicago Blues style like a precious hothouse flower. She started singing in 1976, had a big break in 1985, performed at clubs and toured extensively throughout the world performing at top Blues festivals. Her beautiful and powerful vocal range and skill as a songwriter (she has written over 700 songs) earned her widespread recognition and accolades. When her mother became ill, she put her career on the back burner of life to care for her until her passing. Better, stronger, and dedicated to the Blues, Nora Jean Wallace – Blues Woman is a triumph of a return for her.

Nora Jean Wallace - photo by Donna Grass - DG Photo Designs

For the 10-track release, Nora Jean Wallace – Blues Woman, Stanley Banks contributes several songs, Syl Johnson and Nathan Peter Kligerman, and George Henry Jackson and Raymond Moore, each contribute 1 song, and Nora Jean Wallace shows her prowess that she can write as well as she can sing, writing 4 of the songs on the release, and the result is amazing.

Nora Jean Wallace – Blues Woman opens with the Stanley Bank track, Martell, which kicks into high gear with Nora Jean lamenting about having man troubles and the need to drink "until her eyes turn bloodshot red" so grab yourself a cognac, as no mere wine or beer will do, and settle in as she belts out the Blues.

I Can’t Stop written by Syl Johnson and Nathan Peter Kligerman has great lyrics (…’m gonna love you until I drop, I can’t stop…) and shows off Nora Jean’s powerful vocal range. Stanley Banks wrote I’m a Blues Woman, and it could be Nora Jean’s theme song.

Evidence written by George Henry Jackson and Raymond Moore is about finding lipstick on her man’s collar, the smell of perfume on him, and hotel matches in his pocket, and that is all the evidence she needs of his misdoings. David Earl’s guitar work on this song is particularly gorgeous.

Nora Jean wrote the song Victim, (I’m a victim baby of your love…), which is a definite highlight on the release. The long instrumental intro leads into Nora Jean’s lyrics about being a victim of her man’s love who has another on the side. Mighty fine guitar riffs complement Nora Jean’s vocals on this take it slow and easy track.

Rag and Bucket by Stanley Banks has Kim Wilson layering in his harmonica, and it delivers just the right punch for this song. Look Over Yonder is another song penned by Nora Jean with its lyrics (…there goes my no-good man…) that has Steve Guyger laying down some amazing harmonica.

I’ve Been Watching You, also by Nora Jean tells the tale of suspicion as to her man’s whereabouts when he is not been where he said he was going, because she checked. Dance With Me, written by Nora Jean, picks up the pace and will have you up off your feet and dancing along. Enjoy it.

The Stanley Banks song, I Don’t Have to Beg You to Love Me, has Nora Jean singing that she is not being disrespectful to her man, but reminding him that if he does not love her, there is someone else who will. Johnny Moeller and David Earl play guitars on this fabulous closing song.

Welcome back to the Blues Nora Jean Wallace!

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

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