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Albert Castiglia: I Got Love

by Debra C. Argen
Albert Castiglia - I Got Love
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Award-Winning Blues Rock Guitarist Songwriter Albert Castiglia lays down another exciting and fabulous release with I Got Love, which hit the street on July 17, 2022. Joining Albert Castiglia are his band comprised of Justine Tompkins, Ephraim Lowell, and Lewis Stephens, on this oh-so memorable 11-track album released on the Gulf Coast Records label. I highly recommend that you give this one a listen!


Albert Castiglia: I Got Love: I Got Love, Don’t Pray With The Devil, Burning Bridges, Sanctuary, Double Down, Long Haul Daddy, What’s Wrong With You? Depression Blues, Freedomland, You Don’t Know Hell, Take My Name Out Of Your Mouth

Albert Castiglia: I Got Love Personnel: Albert Castiglia: guitar and vocals, Justine Tompkins: bass and vocals, Ephraim Lowell: drums and vocals, and Lewis Stephens: Hammond B3 and Piano

Albert Castiglia: I Got Love was produced by Mike Zito and Executive Producer Guy Hale and released on their Gulf Coast Records label.

When two master guitarists, Albert Castiglia and Mike Zito team up, the result is a masterfully powerful release that will blow guitar fans out the water. Albert shows his songwriting prowess as well as his impressive guitar work writing or co-writing 10 out the 11 songs on the release, and beautifully covers the Melvin Taylor song, Depression Blues.

Albert notes on the release, "I Got Love is a musical essay documenting the last two years of my life: two years of many highs and lows… It’s about falling, failing, adapting, reinventing, surviving, and becoming triumphant."

The release opens with the title track, I Got Love, written by Albert Castiglia, Ephraim Lowell, and Justine Tompkins. This is a hard-driving song that sets the pace for the album, about losing everything but "… I got love and that’s enough…" The musicianship rocks out on this one.

Moving on is the Albert/Justine song, Don’t Pray With The Devil, which opens with some fast-paced instrumentals showcasing their guitar and bass work. Next up is Burning Bridges penned by Albert, one of my many favorites on the release with its impressive wailing guitar work and catchy lyrics "…I’m burning bridges and I’m starting with you…" that had me singing along.

Albert and Guy Hale wrote the next one, Sanctuary, which has a great instrumental intro. The band segues into Double Down a pumped Blues number that will have you tapping your feet., followed by Long Haul Daddy hitting the halfway mark in the release. Great harmonies on this one by Albert, Justine, and Ephraim. Lyrics "…I’m a long haul daddy and I feel like a dying dog…" and "…I feel like I’m living with a hangover everyday…" aptly catches the feel for those who spend long days on the road.

Albert Castiglia and Mike Zito share the song credits on What’s Wrong With You? that is pure guitar magic from two of the guitar greats. The intro is nice and slow to let the listener catch their collective breath, before the band kicks it into high octane instrumentals. More memorable lyrics on this one, "…If I ain’t enough for you baby, then do what you got to do…"

Albert and band gracefully slide into the cover of the Melvin Taylor song, Depression Blues, which is pure funk and junk in a good way. Next up is an Albert Castiglia song, Freedomland, followed by You Don’t Know Hell, another Castiglia/Zito collaboration. The release closes with a slow and sultry Blues number, Take My Name Out Of Your Mouth. From start to finish, Albert Castiglia: I Got Love is a Blues Rock class in how to deliver the musical goods. Bravo!

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

For information on Albert Castiglia, the album, and show dates, please visit the website: https://www.albertcastiglia.net/shows

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