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Al Basile – Last Hand

by Debra C. Argen
Al Basile - Last Hand
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Multi-nominated bluesman Al Basile takes a step in a new direction with his latest release, Last Hand released on his Sweetspot records label, which has a rich Jazzy Blues feel. Last Hand is like a Blues opera that tells the tale of a May-December romance over the course of this fabulous 12-track release. Joining Al are Bruce Bears on piano and organ, Brad Hallen on electric bass, and Mark Teixeira on drums. The musicianship is on this release is pure magic to complement Al Basile’s engaging lyrics. The album hits the streets on August 21, 2020, so grab yourself a copy and sit back and enjoy listening to an exciting tale told by songwriter extraordinaire Al Basile.


Al Basile – Last Hand

Al Basile – Last Hand: It Ain’t Broke, Invisible Man, Don’t Toy With Me, What Would You Be Doing? I Could Get Used To This, Don’t, After I’m Gone, Has He Got A Name? The Problem Is Me, Second Wind, Closer To The Bone, Time Heals Nothing

Last Hand Personnel: Al Basile: vocals, cornet (Don’t, Time Heals Nothing), Bruce Bears: piano and organ, Brad Hallen: electric bass, Mark Teixeira: drums

Last Hand was written and produced by Al Basile and released on the Sweetspot Records label.

Al Basile Backstory

Al Basile hails from Haverhill, Massachusetts, and this talented singer, songwriter, trumpet player has long had Blues afficionados following his remarkable career. In 1998, he created his own record label, Sweetspot.

Al Basile

Last Hand

Veteran Bluesman, songwriter, musician and singer, Al Basile is someone who knows how to tell a story with his engaging lyrics complemented by stellar music. Bruce Bears proves his prowess delivering sparkling piano instrumental segments, Brad Hallen delivers the bass, and Mark Teixeira layers in the drums. Al "toots" his cornet on Don’t and Time Heals Nothing.

It is not often that you have the opportunity to witness a couple’s romance as it develops and blossoms through all the stages of love, however that is exactly what Al Basile gives his listeners on his Last Hand album, which tells the tale of a May-December romance between an older man and a much younger woman.

Al Basile sets the stage for Last Hand with the opening track, It Ain’t Broke, a catchy song reminiscent of the great Fats Waller, with its fabulous line… "if I can’t fix it, it ain’t broke…" Pure swagger and bravado, the song exudes confidence. It is a still-young man’s look at the world when he is feeling on top of his game.

Next in the playlist is Invisible Man, which moves the story into later middle-age when women no longer look at him and smile. Don’t Toy With Me, is about meeting a much-younger woman who seems to be interested in him. The story continues with the track, What Would You Be Doing? about questioning why someone young and beautiful would be interested in an old battered man like him.

With every romance, there are stages and evolution in the process, and the track, I Could Get Used To This, about his finally accepting the relationship. Relationships always have their ups and downs, and the tracks Don’t, After I’m Gone, Has He Got A Name? The Problem Is Me, Second Wind, and Closer To The Bone, continue to take the listener on the unexpected yet oftentimes wonderful and definitely bittersweet journey of the romance. The album concludes with the track Time Heals Nothing.

Once again, Massachusetts born and bred Al Basile has hit it out of the iconic Fenway Park with Last Hand. In a day and age of digital downloads, this is an album where you will want to purchase a hard copy for the booklet with the lyrics and liner notes. Sit back, get comfortable and let America’s preeminent storyteller tell you a tale.

Listen to a Teaser of Al Basile – Last Hand: http://albasile.com/2020_RELEASE_-_Aug_21.html

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

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