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Jeff Richman – Big Wheel

by Debra C. Argen
Jeff Richman - Big Wheel
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Jeff Richman Big Wheel instrumental Jazz album features an impressive line-up with Steve Gadd on drums, Jimmy Haslip on bass, Jeff Lorber on keyboards, Jeff Richman on guitar, George Whitty on keyboards and programming, Alan Pasqua on acoustic piano, and Dean Taba on acoustic bass. With Jeff Richman’s prowess as a composer and guitarist, and an incredible musician pedigree expect to be impressed by Jeff Richman Big Wheel released by Nefer Records.



Jeff Richman – Big Wheel    

Jeff Richman Big Wheel: Hell If I Know, Big Deal, That Girl, The Last Notch, Happy Medium, Keep It Light, 12 Steps To The Bar, Long Distance Love, The Inside Scoop, One Stone 

Personnel: Steve Gadd – drums, Jimmy Haslip – bass, Jeff Lorber – keyboards, Jeff Richman – guitar, George Whitty – all keyboards and programming on tracks 1, 2, 4 and 7, Alan Pasqua – acoustic piano on tracks 6 and 7, Dean Taba – acoustic bass on track 2

Jeff Richman Big Wheel was produced by Jimmy Haslip on the Nefer Records label. Of the 10 tracks, Jeff Richman wrote 8 of the songs, with the exception of the song, That Girl written by Stevie Wonder, and the song, Long Distance Love written by Lowell George.

Guitarist composer Jeff Richman sets the stage for his latest album, Jeff Richman Big Wheel, writing on the liner notes, "The world and time are constantly revolving; our paths in life interconnecting like spokes on a wheel." 

For his 17th solo album, Jeff Richman brings together an impressive line-up of acclaimed and highly notable musicians including Steve Gadd on drums (whose credentials include Steely Dan, The Crusaders, Joe Sample Stuff, Return to Forever), Jimmy Haslip on bass (founding and ex-member of the Yellowjackets), Jeff Lorber on keyboards (his latest album Jeff Lorber Fusion – Hacienda received a Grammy® nomination), Grammy® award winner George Whitty on keyboards, Grammy® nominated Alan Pasqua on acoustic piano, and the talented Dean Taba on acoustic bass. 

Add Jimmy Haslip’s talent as a bass player and highly sought-after producer (his many projects include co-producing the Grammy® nominated Jeff Lorber Fusion – Hacienda album with Jeff Lorber), Jeff Richman’s talents as a composer and guitarist, along with the exceptional line-up of musicians to the mix, and you have a rare treat of an album.

Be prepared to go on an instrumental musical journey with Jeff Richman Big Wheel, which takes the listener along on an eclectic ride with its soulful Jazz on the opening track with the Richman song Hell If I Know which showcases Jeff Richman on guitar and Jimmy Haslip on bass, and George Whitty on keyboards, to the slow and sexy Big Deal with Dean Taba on acoustic bass, to his kick back and relax Jazz with the soft and easy song, Keep It Light with Alan Pasqua on acoustic piano, to The Last Notch showcasing the talents of George Whitty on keyboards, to the song Long Distance Love written by Lowell George (1945-1979) with its great drum opening by Steve Gadd.

Other memorable tracks include the Jeff Richman songs, 12 Steps To The Bar, The Inside Scoop with Jeff Lorber on keyboards, and One Stone, as well as the Stevie Wonder 1981 soul single, That Girl, which makes the most of maximizing the major musicianship on the album.

So treat yourself and pick up a copy of this memorable album, it is sure to be one that you will enjoy sitting back and listening to, and hitting the replay button again and again.

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