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Downchild – Can You Hear The Music

by Edward F. Nesta
Downchild - Can You Hear The Music
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Downchild – Can You Hear The Music is another stellar Blues, Chicago Blues, swingin’ jumpin’ and jivin’ release from the Canadian Blues ensemble Downchild. Continuing to set the pace for others to try and follow, this tight band shows how the art form known as "The Blues" should be played with great vocals, snappy lyrics, and musicians who know their way around their instruments.


Downchild – Can You Hear The Music   

Downchild – Can You Hear The Music: Can You Hear The Music; I’m Always Here For You; I Need A Woman; Blue Moon Blues; Fasten Your Seat Belt; This Road; My Mississippi Queen; One In A Million; Don’t Wait Up For Me; Worn In; Scattered 

Personnel: Don Walsh: Guitar, Slide Guitar, Harmonica; Chuck Jackson: Vocals; Pat Carey: Saxophone; Michael Fonfara: Piano, Organ; Gary Kendall: Bass; Mike Fitzpatrick: Drums; Peter Jeffery; Trumpet 

Downchild – Can You Hear The Music was produced by Don Walsh and was released on the Linus Entertainment label. With 17 releases and more than 40-years in the music industry Downchild is as fresh as the day they broke into the music scene as a Canadian Blues Band and now Canada’s Premier Blues Band. Founding member Don Walsh, also called the "Father of Canadian Blues," leads this ensemble through eleven original tracks that features their signature Jump Blues style; get ready to shimmy, shake, and roll. All songs were written by Don Walsh except Blue Moon Blues, My Mississippi Queen, and Worn In

The release opens with the title track Can You Hear The Music, and boy can you hear the music. This track will definitely jump start you engine whether you are ready or not, so get ready. A driving baseline featuring Mike Fitzpatrick on drums and Gary Kendall on bass lights the fuse and rest of the band adds their own fuel to the musical fire while Chuck Jackson’s powerful vocals along with Pat Carey’s saxophone fan the arrangement’s flames. I could keep pushing the repeat button on this track and it will never become tired.

The track I’m Always Here For You brings the blues down and dirty as Chuck sings, "No need to be blue, I’ll help you see it through, you can come to me … you know I’m always here for you.." and coupled with the guitar work of Don Walsh you have a lowdown pulsating Blues track.

I Need a Woman is more than a track it is a mantra for all men who love the finer things in life. "I need a woman to be here by my side, one who will love me forever and not take me for a ride," the track is paced by Chuck’s husky vocals, the siren call of the saxophone, and Don’s brazen guitar licks.

The track Blue Moon Blues, written by Chuck Jackson, Peter Schmidt, and Shane Scott, is gritty Blues that will have you nodding your head in agreement to the smoldering lyrics, "Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon, how could you let this be….now my babies leaving me…". Blues the way it was meant to be played, sung, and presented. You had better fasten your seat belts for the track Fasten Your Seat Belt as the band goes into their signature swingin’ jump and jivin’ sound and lets it rip with Don smoking harmonica setting the pace.

The ballad The Road shows another side of this diverse and tight band with some great slide guitar work, a funky melody, and some playful lyrics. My Mississippi Queen, written by Chuck Jackson, features the handiwork of Michael Fonfara on the organ along with a sassy melody and vocals, "…she took all my money, she took my Cadillac too, but when she took my heart and she tore it apart that is the worst thing any woman could do…"

Other songs include the Blues track One in a Million, with some sexy guitar riffs, Don’t Wait Up For Me another pulsating jumpin’ jivin’ track that captures all the elements of this outstanding group, Worn In is more of that delicious Chicago Blues featuring Don and a tantalizing harmonica, and the release closes with the instrumental track Scattered featuring their signature swingin’ jumpin’ jivin’ sound and this track was probably a way for the band to release their musical energy after constructing an exceptional release – way to go boys!!!!

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