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Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers

by Edward F. Nesta
Mike Zito / Albert Castiglia - Blood Brothers
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Mike Zito and Albert Castiglia each have an extensive discography, so for the release of Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers, they united to craft a sensational release that draws together their unique energy and styles. The release contains 11 original tracks written by Mike Zito or Albert Castiglia, and as co-producer Josh Smith states, "With this release, they have both found their musical confidante." In addition to this release, look for Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers coming to a venue in your town.


Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers: Hey Sweet Mama, In My Soul, Tooth And Nail, Fool Never Learns, A Thousand Heartaches (featuring Joe Bonamassa), My Business, You’re Gonna Burn, Bag Me, Take Me Away, No Good Woman, Hill Country Jam, One Step Ahead Of The Blues

Personnel: Mike Zito: Guitar, Vocals; Albert Castiglia: Guitar, Vocals; Douglas Byrkit: Bass; Matthew Johnson: Drums/Percussion; Ephraim Lowell: Drums/Percussion; Lewis Stephens: Piano/Organ; Josh Smith: Guitar; Joe Bonamassa: Guitar; Lemar Carter: Drums; Calvin Turner: Bass; Steve Patrick: Trumpet; Jimmy Bowland: Saxophone; Jonathan Salcedo: Trombone; Matt Jefferson: Trombone; Jade Macrae: Background Vocals; Dannielle DeAndrea: Background Vocals

Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers was produced by Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith, recorded at Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana, and released on the Gulf Coast Records label. Mike Zito is a prolific musician which includes songwriter, lead / backing vocals, guitars, and producing other bands for which Luxury Experience has had the opportunity to cover all formats in the Music Scene SectionMember of the band: Mike Zito – Blues For The Southside, Mike Zito – Resurrection, Mike Zito – First Class Life, Mike Zito and The Wheel – Keep Coming Back, Alastair Greene – Dream Train (Special Guest on Guitar), Cyril Neville – Magic Honey (Special Guest on Guitar), Mike Zito and The Wheel – Gone To Texas; Production: Eric Demmer – So Fine, Albert Castiglia – I Got Love, to mention a few.

The release opens with a rousing guitar intro on Hey Sweet Mama, but what else would you expect from two guitar aficionados like Mike and Albert and coupled with great harmonies you know that you are in for a resounding listening experience. They kick in some jump blues keyboard work setting the stage for a special track and release.

They follow-up the snappy opening track with a poignant track, In My Soul, written by Mike Zito during a time of family challenge. He stated, "I did not write from what I was feeling at that time; I didn’t think about it or analyze it, I just started singing," and a special song came to life. The track, Tooth and Nails, written by Albert Castiglia, showcases Albert on vocals and powerful dual guitar work create a catchy melody set against a tight baseline.

The track Fools Never Learn features Mike Zito on lead vocals layered against a powerful horn section. Transitioning the release is the track A Thousand Heartaches (featuring Joe Bonamassa), written by Albert Castiglia. This is Albert’s foray into crafting a ballad and he has succeeded in so many ways. The lyrics are inspirational, the melody is mesmerizing, and the overall rendition is destined to be a live concert showstopper.

The track You’re Gonna Burn is a slow and sultry blues track that will have you swaying as you listen. Great blues lyrics complementing guitar licks and a solid percussion section will have you hitting replay.

Taking the tempo up a few beats they transition to jump blues with the track Bag Me, Tag Me, Take Me Away. The keyboard work Is sensational, the vocals are "smokey," and lyrics of "They Say that I play to fast, but I know baby, I wasn’t born to last, …. Bag Me, Tag Me, Take Me Away" rings true in the life of many musicians as they try to exploit every moment.

Other tracks include, No Good Woman, a classic blues track with all the blues elements of a pounding baseline and heart tugging guitar licks and lyrics, and Hill Country Jam, a finger snapping track that leads with the drums setting the timing and the guitars sitting on the pulsating drum baseline. The release closes with the track One Step Ahead of the Blues, written by Mike Zito in the voice and style of JJ Cale who Mike has admired for years. One Step Ahead of The Blues will be another crowd pleaser during their live performances. So, get your tickets to a Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers show, but in the meantime, pick up a copy of Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers.

Tour information – Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers.

Websites where you can procure Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers: Amazon, Apple, Rough Trade, Record Stop

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