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Monopoly Game – Greenwich Edition
Greenwich Monopoly Gamebox

Cold and rainy weather will soon be here making it the perfect time to stay inside and play family board games. I grew up playing epic, marathon games of Monopoly with my sister Joanne and brother David. As young children we spent many countless happy hours playing this game of skill, luck, and strategy, which was permanently installed on the games table in the family room of our home. When I learned that Top Trumps USA Inc. was introducing a new Monopoly Greenwich (Connecticut) edition, it brought a smile to face and my heart raced with anticipation of playing their new game. For the Greenwich edition, Monopoly has replaced the famous properties of my youth with Greenwich landmarks. 

Wine and the White House: A History by Frederick J Ryan, Jr
Wine and the White House: A History by Frederick J Ryan, Jr
If you love wine, history, and formal dinners, you are going to love the book Wine and the White House: A History by Frederick J. Ryan, Jr. I fell in love with this stunning book filled with interesting anecdotes about the Presidents of the United States of America from President George Washington through President Donald Trump, and provides an in-depth look at the history of wine served at the White House through the years. For gastronomy lovers, the book is also interesting as it includes menus from the dinners and the wines that accompanied each of the courses. More than a gorgeous coffee table book, it is also a wonderful reference book for yourself or to give as a gift.
The Trentasette Collection Organic EVOO
The Trentasetter Collection Organic EVOO
High-quality extra virgin olive oil, affectionately known as EVOO, is like liquid gold for professional chefs and dedicated home cooks. With a rise in the organic farm movement we were thrilled to find The Trentasette Collection Organic EVOO, which is USDA Organic certification, OU Kosher certified, and is Non-GMO imported from Italy by the company, Italian Products & Beyond that is the perfect complement to your organic farmers markets finds. Used for dipping, drizzling, cooking, sauteing or finishing, we loved the results using this very tasty EVOO.
Vincent van Gogh A Life in Letters edited by Nienke Bakker, Leo Jansen, and Hans Luijten
Vincent van Gogh A Life in Letters
What I found especially interesting about the book Vincent van Gogh A Life in Letters edited by Nienke Bakker, Leo Jansen and Hans Luijten published in September 2020 by Thames & Hudson, Ltd is that Vincent's story is not told by someone else, rather his life deftly unfolds by Vincent himself through his letters to his brother Theo van Gogh (1857 - 1891) providing the reader with new insight into the mind and world of the artist.
MarieBelle New York – Luxury Chocolates
Mariebelle - NY Collection - 16pc
Chocolate is one of life's delectable sweet little pleasures, and New York-based Chocolatier Maribel Lieberman owner of MarieBelle New York shares her passion with her luxurious chocolate offerings.  Whether your chocolate preference is dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate, MarieBelle New York has the perfect chocolate to appeal to diverse palates. We loved sampling our way through the tasty offerings.
Plain-T handcrafted teas in Southampton, NY, USA
Plain-T  - Tea Kettle, Tea Canister
During a visit to Southampton, New York, we discovered Plain-T and The T Loft, a company dedicated to the art of exceptional tea, founded by Tathiana Teixeira and her husband Alessandro Teixeira. As  avid tea drinkers, we always appreciate learning about nature's special bounty and meeting with Tathiana  Teixeira was like  getting a PhD in tea! Passionate about her exceptional line of high-quality whole leaf tea products, she shared her vast tea  knowledge with us and told us about their diverse product line of 85 teas. There is a tea for every palate and Tathiana is a perfect tea sommelier to find the right tea for you as we discovered during our tea experience
Hamptons Handpoured
Hamptons Handpoured - East Hampton
Love spending time in the Hamptons and wish you could bring its essence home with you? Hamptons Handpoured, founded by Hamptons native Brittany Torres, deftly captures of the spirit of the towns that comprise The Hamptons of Long Island, New York with her beautiful hand-poured candles. Made with love in small batches, Hamptons Handpoured candles are made with 100% American grown natural soy and high-quality, plant-based fragrance oils, with cotton wicks, zero additives, that are phthalate free, vegan, and have a 40-hour burn time. While you may not be able to spend as much time in The Hamptons as you would like, you can enjoy the experience anytime you like with these beautiful candles.
Savino Wine Saving Carafes
Savino  Wine Carafe Looking for a great gift for your favorite wine lover or wine enthusiast? As wine lovers know air is the nemesis of wine. Once a bottle of wine is opened and is exposed to air, it must be drunk immediately. Air will spoil the wine, so in the past people tried to recork the bottle or used systems to pump the air out. Now, along comes Savino Wine Saving Carafes and a new and stylish way of preserving wine is born. Made in the USA, Savino Wine Saving Carafes elevate style with function. The best part is that they actually work and keep wine stored in the carafe fresh for up to a week. 
Hong Kong Food City by Tony Tan
Hong Kong Food City - by Tony Tan Food has the power to transport our senses, first visually, then through the sounds of cooking, to its fragrant aromas wafting in the air, and then finally delivering the much-anticipated flavors and textures on our palates. The cookbook, Hong Kong Food City by Tony Tan published by Murdoch Books takes the reader on an incredibly beautiful and flavorful journey of the senses to Hong Kong. This cookbook is a perfect gift for your favorite cook or for the armchair traveler.
A Baker's Passport by Susie Norris
A  Baker's Passport  by Sussie Norris Want to travel the world for the holidays? While you may not be able to pack up your family and friends and take them on a trip around the world, you can travel by your palate anytime in A Baker's Passport - Recipes For Breads, Savory Pies, Vegetarian Dishes, Tarts, Cakes, and Cookie Classics by Susie Norris. The cookbook has the perfect recipes to celebrate the holidays or anytime you need a little travel escape. Based on the award-winning culinary travel blog, Food Market Gypsy, A Baker's Passport is sure to delight.
How ALS Saved My Life until it didn't by Dr. Jenni Kleinman Berebitsky
How ALS Saved My Life unitl it didn't I just read the most amazing book, How ALS Saved My Life until it didn't by Dr. Jenni Kleinman Berebitsky, Joyce Kleinman, and Elizabeth Flynn. I came to "know" Jenni when I saw the documentary short film Grateful - the Jenni Berebitsky Story, during the Greenwich International Film Festival 2019 (GIFF) held in Greenwich, Connecticut. Intrigued after speaking with her mother, Joyce Kleinman, Director Paul Nethercott, and Producer Amy Pauszek, I wanted to learn more about this incredible woman, and read Jenni's book. It was inspirational, at times humorous and sad, with lots of wonderful tips, tools, and techniques for people coping with ALS, and a great resource.
Casa do Vidro - Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Colored Etched Glasses - Casa do Vidro - photo by Luxury ExperienceCasa do Vidro in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil is a creative initiative that reuses discarded glass and repurposes them into objects of beauty, all of which are for sale. The brainchild of founder Carlos Cardinal, the focus of Casa do Vidro is to reuse, recreate, and repurpose everyday discarded glass bottles, jars, and other glass objects into new, usable and attractive decorative and functional designs. In an area renowned for sustainable ecotourism, Casa do Vidro is a shining example of what can be achieved with inspiration and initiative.
Thirsty Towels - Exquisite, Trendy, With Purpose
Thirsty Towel - Velour Shawl NavyThirsty®Towels is a family owned business and is more than a towel company. In addition to their line of Turkish Towels made in Turkey, they carry a gorgeous line of Bathrobes and Plus Size Robes, Shower Wraps, Beach and Resort Wear, Throws and Blankets, Spa and Hammam Accessories, Shower Curtains, Slippers, and artisan crafted Soap. They also have a Children's line of robes, towels, and blankets, so the whole family can experience Thirsty®Towels. Enjoy luxury, celebrate life.
The Statues of Central Park by Catarina Astrom and June Eding
The Statues of Central Park - by Catarina Astrom and June Eding The book, The Statues of Central Park by Catarina Astrom and June Eding published by Hatherleigh Press is a perfect gift to remember a special trip to New York City or for those planning a trip to the Big Apple, the book will be a delightful guide to the famous statues of Central Park. When I read the book, I thought it would be great fun to bring it with me on my next visit to Central Park and use it to learn more about its famous statues; a mini-adventure and a history lesson all rolled up into one book. Happy exploring!
Tom Petty and Me by Jon Scott
Tom Petty and Me Jon Scott Calling all Tom Petty fans! Tom Petty and Me - My Rock n' Roll Adventures with Tom Petty written by Jon Scott and published by CB Publishing. A Division of Chickasaw Buddy, Inc. is a fast-paced all-around interesting read with funny and touching stories about his friendship of over 40 years with Tom Petty and is filled with great photos of Tom Petty and his band. Read and rock on!
The Cocktail Companion - by Cheryl Charming
The Cocktail Companion - by Cheryl Charming The Cocktail Companion: A Guide to Cocktail History, Culture, Trivia and Favorite Drinks by Cheryl Charming is the perfect gift for you or for your favorite cocktailian. Published by Mango Publishing, the book is part educational, part reference book, part fun and games, has great recipes,and is all around fabulously entertaining.
Tis The Season New York by Betsy Pinnover Schiff
Tis The Season New York by Betsy Pinnover Schiff Tis The Season New York by Betsy Pinnover Schiff, published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd is an iconic book of photographic images celebrating the vibrant and colorful holiday season in New York City.  This beautiful book is a love letter to New York City with its series of stunning photographs that together with short captions capture the New York festive spirit. Tis The Season New York by Betsy Pinnover Schiff makes a delightful book for your favorite New Yorker or as a gift to remember a special vacation in the "Big Apple." Happy Holidays!
Tea and Taste, The Visual Language of Tea, by Tania M. Buckrell Pos
Tea and Taste - The Visual Language of Tea - by Tania M Buckrell Pos Afternoon tea has always been a time-honored and cherished ritual in my family, so I loved reading, Tea & Taste, The Visual Language of Tea, by Tania M. Buckrell Pos, published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. The book is beautifully written and is a treasure of information into the history and etiquette of tea along with stunning photographs, gorgeous artwork, and even recipes to stimulate your appetite. The book makes a perfect gift for your favorite tea afficionado.
Christmas by Design: Private Homes Decorated by Patricia Hart McMillan and Katherine Kaye McMillan
Christmas by Design - Private Homes Decorated by Patricia Hart McMillan, Katherine Kaye McMillan Christmas by Design: Private Homes Decorated by Leading Designers written Patricia Hart McMillan and Katherine Kaye McMillan, published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd is a stunning book to inspire the holiday spirit. If you are like me, the Christmas season brings out my inner decorator and I love to create different festive, warm and inviting looks each year to welcome guests. What I love about the book, Christmas by Design, is that it has gorgeous photos and wonderfully inspired ideas shown in private homes across America. Whether used as a "go-to" reference book for design ideas, as a holiday coffee table book, or as a special gift, this book is sure to be a year-after-year hit.
SLATE COLLECTION, Fine Leather Goods
Slate Collection Bainbridge Card Case I love the look and the feel of well-crafted, luxurious leather products, and the American company, Slate Collection has a wide selection of products that make a big impact as a special gift for your favorite executive or as a well-deserved reward for yourself. They have a full line of accessories that are perfectly at home at your desk or traveling around the world, that make an impressive statement.
Harmony - The People's Guitar 1945 - 1975, by Ron Rothman
Harmony Guitars - The Ppeople's Guitars - 1945 - 1975 Author Ron Rothman tells the interesting story of The Harmony Guitar Company in his gorgeous 176-page hardcover book, Harmony - The People's Guitar, 1945 - 1975, published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. During those 30 years of production in Chicago, Illinois, the American company "rocked" the world of many professional and amateur guitarists. In addition to the history of Harmony Guitars there are great photographs of the guitars and the guitarists who played them including Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Pete Townsend, Richie Valens, Dave Davies of the Kinks, John Sebastian, to name but a few. Harmony - The People's Guitar 1945 - 1975, by Ron Rothman makes a great gift for your favorite guitarist or vintage guitar collector.
Baseball Italian Style by Lawrence Baldassaro
Baseball Italian Style by Lawrence Baldassaro Take me out to the Ballgame! Baseball Italian Style - Great Stories Told by Italian American Major Leaguers from Crosetti to Piazza by Lawrence Baldassaro is the perfect read to get in the spirit of the upcoming baseball season. Whether you or someone you know loves the history of the game or just loves all things related to baseball, author and professor emeritus of Italian at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Lawrence Baldassaro and 40 of baseball's greatest Italian players will resonate soundly with fans as they hit it out of the ballpark with this book featuring their interesting backstories.
Neuhaus - Luxurious Belgian Chocolates
Neuhaus Gold Holiday Box When it comes to sweet decadence, chocolate stands head and shoulders above other candy confections with its delightfully smooth, rich, and creamy sweetness that can only be achieved by using high quality chocolate. Neuhaus has been making luxurious chocolates in Belgium since 1857, and as my mother always says, practice makes perfect. Sumptuous gorgeous gems of chocolate presented in the impressive Neuhaus Holiday Premium Box may be the perfect gift for the chocolate lovers on your gift list. You may want to buy for an extra box or two for yourself though to ensure that the recipients receive their gift boxes fully intact.
Attiser - Luxury Linens
Sweet Nothings - Attiser Passionate about beautiful linens, I recently "discovered" Attiser, a company that makes gorgeous handcrafted bedding and linens, and was thrilled to make their acquaintance. Founded by Seema A, head designer and creative director in Menlo Park, California, Attiser linens are handcrafted in India and designed to appeal to the senses and draw compliments from guests.  I love how I can change the "personality" of my indoor and outdoor dining spaces by simply dressing the table with linens to match my theme of the moment, and Attiser has a rich diversity of high-quality offerings.
Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook - Savory Spices and Bold Flavors of South Asia
Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook - Savory Spices and Bold Flavors of South Asia Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook - Savory Spices and Bold Flavors of South Asia written by May Abraham Fridel for the American Diabetes Association is 140 tempting recipes to take your palate on a culinary adventure of India by discovering its vibrant culture, colors, aromas, flavors, and textures through inspired and traditional Indian recipes.
Switch It Up - A Fresh Take on Quick and Easy Diabetes-Friendly Recipes for a Balanced Life
Switch It Up - by Corinne TrangSwitch It Up - A Fresh Take on Quick and Easy Diabetes-Friendly Recipes for a Balanced Life written by chef and holistic health and nutrition counselor Corinne Trang for the American Diabetes Association features a mouth-watering collection of 50 recipes for Salads and Vegetables, Soups, Whole Grains and Legumes, Eggs, Seafood, and Meat, and Fruit, Cheese, Nuts, and Seeds. Designed especially for diabetics, this cookbook will also appeal to non-diabetics with its enticing and tasty, easy-to-follow recipes. Bon Appetit! Healthy eating was never so easy or so appealing.
Beckmann of Norway- Lerke Rucksack
Beckmann of Norway - Lerke - Rucksack - Nursery School - 12L Young fashionistas will love the Beckmann of Norway "Lerke" Rucksack Nursery School 12L backpack with its pretty pink, purple and teal pattern and cute little bird design, while the high quality and the level of practical details will appeal to adults. Fashion and function are two of the key elements of Beckmann of Norway, a company that has been making high-quality backpacks since the 1950s with an emphasis on backpacks for school-age children.
Cailler Chocolates - Bringing the Taste of Switzerland Home

Cailler Chocolates - Signature Collection While you may not be able to jet off to Switzerland on a whim, you can easily indulge your taste buds with Cailler chocolates, home of Swiss chocolate since 1819. We had the opportunity to experience the brand during Cailler's United States tour at a pop-up event in New York City and were happy to learn that these exquisite chocolates are now available for purchase online via Amazon.

Perry Ellis Aqua Extreme and Original Penguin Premium Blend - New Men's Fragrances
Perry Ellis Aqua Extreme Cologne Looking for holiday gifts for the special men in your life? Having tried both of these fragrances, here are two great suggestions: Perry Ellis Aqua Extreme, the new fragrance designed by Jean-Claude Delville is fresh and vibrant, a masculine fragrance that is as adventurous as the wearer, and Original Penguin® Premium Blend created by Harry Frémont, the sixth scent in its fragrance line, with cool, crisp notes and the famous Pete the Penguin® logo on the attractive frosted bottle.
Perry Ellis RED - The Men's Fragrance
Perry Ellis - RedPerry Ellis RED is the latest men's fragrance created by the Perry Ellis International, Inc. label and was released for spring 2016 and was designed as "a scent of power, passion, and performance." By definition, red is a primary color and is considered to be a "warm" color, a color of passion, power, energy, and excitement, it is a color that attracts attention, think the color of stop signs, fire engines, and Ferraris, and those attributes are integral components of Perry Ellis RED, a wonderfully sensual and masculine eau de toilette men's fragrance.
WEN Fragrance Collection by Chaz Dean
Wen By Chaz DeanChaz Dean's luxurious seasonal fragrances from the WEN® Fragrance Collection: WEN® Sweet Toasted Almond Eau de Parfum, WEN® Basil, Cucumber Tea Eau de Parfum, and WEN SIXTHIRTEEN® By Chaz Dean Eau de Parfum, are perfect for spring and summer with their lighter, refreshing notes created by Los Angeles Stylist Chaz Dean and were designed as unisex fragrances.
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