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PepperMate Pepper Mill

by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta
PepperMate Pepper Mill
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We admit it, we love fresh ground cracked black pepper and use it on, and in, everything we eat or cook. While we love grinding our own black pepper, our challenge has been to find the perfect pepper mill. Throughout the years we have accumulated a diverse collection of pepper mills in all sizes, shapes, and materials, and in all price ranges. While perfectly fine to use tableside, using them for cooking purposes presented more of a challenge when we wanted more finely ground black pepper. When we recently “discovered” the PepperMate Pepper Mill, we found it to be the perfect pepper mill solution.

While new to us, the PepperMateTM Pepper Mill has a long history and was established in 1982. The product is attractive, durable, made with high-quality ceramic, and has a rectangular shape that is 5.5 inches tall with round corners that was designed for you to comfortably hold in your hand. The PepperMateTM Pepper Mill is easy to use and has a side handle which you turn to grind out the spices.

Perfect for cooking, it has a clear removeable base to capture the ground pepper as you turn the handle, and the base can also be used to store larger quantities of ground pepper. It is easy to use, and five turns of the handle provides approximately one-half teaspoon (1.2 grams) of ground pepper. When you are cooking, not having to measure out pepper into a measuring spoon is a real timesaver.

Another wonderful feature of the PepperMateTM Pepper Mill is that it has as an adjustable grind feature so that you can adjust the grind from finely ground black pepper to use in culinary recipes to coarser ground pepper to best suit your palate, and use tableside, as well as complement your culinary or recipe needs. In addition to grinding pepper, the PepperMateTM Pepper Mill can also be used to grind sea salt, dried spices, and other millable ingredients.

The PepperMateTM Pepper Mill is stylish, durable, and comes in a variety of colors so that you can accessorize your kitchen or match it to your table décor. The PepperMate Pepper Mill colors include black, white, transparent black, hunter green, aqua, and red, and it is also available as a Salt and Pepper Mill Bundle. While wonderfully functional in the kitchen, it is also stylish and attractive enough to use on the table. It comes with a lifetime pepper mill mechanism warranty, and it works! No wonder it has been the darling of celebrity chefs for many years. With a price of $39.99, what more could we ask for? The PepperMate Pepper Mill makes a perfect gift for yourself or your favorite chef or home cook. Bon Appetit!

For more information on the PepperMateTM Pepper Mill, to purchase the product, or to see their complete line of exceptional products, please visit the website: www.peppermate.com.

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