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Tea by iLola - Tea Disc Essential Set
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iLOLA Tea Service - Moroccan Mint Green tea No 26 - Photo by Luxury Experience

As tea drinkers, we love our new "discovery" of Tea By iLOLATM with its easy-to-use tea discs, that we can take wherever we go, and have the rich flavors and benefits associated with loose tea. We tried their Tea by iLOLATM Essentials Set, which included two delicious selections of tea: Moroccan Mint Green Tea No. 26, a medium caffeine tea, and Royal Cream of Earl Gray Black Tea No. 12, a high caffeine tea, a Tea Disc Infuser, and a Tea Disc Traveller 12-ounce thermos with tea infuser to take our tea on the go. Beautifully packaged, Tea by iLOLATM makes a perfect gift for favorite tea drinker or as a gift for yourself.


Tea by iLOLATM Tea Discs Are Easy to Use

Unlike loose leaf tea, Tea by iLOLATM tea discs are easy to take with you to use anywhere, anytime, anyplace, as there is no measuring involved; you only need hot water. Su-Mari Hill, co-founder of Tea by ILOLATM invented a method of compressing loose leaf tea into compact discs that are easy to use and provide a perfect cup or pot of tea every time, without losing any of the flavor, health benefits, or layered nuances of loose-leaf tea. No more measuring out loose-leaf tea into a tea ball, simply add one Tea by iLOLATM tea disc per cup or small teapot or two discs for a teapot, and you have perfect tea.

Tea by iLOLATM Tea Disc Varieties

With its wide variety of teas, Tea by iLOLATM has a tea designed for every type of tea drinker whether your taste runs from bold, high-octane caffeinated teas to mild, non-caffeinated teas. Tea by iLOLATM is like having your own personal tea sommelier as each tea includes a description of ingredients, benefits, how to use, and brewing instructions, to ensure you select a tea perfect for your palate.

Black Tea has high caffeine levels. Varieties include English Breakfast No. 11, Royal Cream of Earl Gray No. 12. Kenyan No. 13, Cocoa Chai No. 14, Caramel Latter No. 15, and Strawberry Seduction N. 16.

Oolong Tea has bold character and medium caffeine. Varieties include Se Chung No. 50, Arabian Nights No. 51, Rocky Rose No. 52, Citrus Punch No. 53, and Ginseng No. 54.

Green Tea is light and flavorful with medium caffeine. Varieties include Chunmee No. 25, Moroccan Mint No. 26, and Midnight Jasmine No. 27.

White Tea is low in caffeine. Varieties include Sweet Cinnamon Chai No. 40, Snow Maple No. 41, Mama Mia No. 42, Peony Blueberry No. 43.

Herbal Tea has no caffeine. Varieties include Peppermint No. 60, Lemon Ginger Tulsi No. 61, Cherry Coke No. 62, Cape Carousel No. 63, Red Earl No. 64, After Eight No. 65, and Rooibos No. 66.

Functional Tea has varying levels of caffeine. Varieties include Happy No. 01, Immunity No. 02, Energy No. 03, Sweet Dreams No. 04, and Renew No. 05.

Finding the Perfect Temperature and Steeping Time

Does the water temperature affect the tea? The answer is yes, and what we especially liked about Tea by iLOLATM is that they include a tea chart for each type of tea, the optimal steeping temperature and steeping time, so that you can get the most flavorful tea each time you make it.

For example, Functional and Herbal Teas require a much higher steeping temperature than Green and White Teas, which are more delicate, and the steeping temperature for Oolong and Black Tea sits in between the two. Steeping times also vary, with Functional and Herbal requiring longer steeping times versus Green and White Teas which require lesser steeping times.

How to Use the Tea Discs

Using the temperature chart, heat water to the suggested steeping time for the tea variety you are using. Place the Tea by iLOLATM tea disc infuser inside the thermos, cup, or tea pot. Add enough water to your cup, thermos, or teapot and fill halfway with warmed water. Add a Tea by iLOLATM tea disc in the infuser, then slowly pour more warmed water over the tea disc. Steep according to the tea chart. Remove the infuser with the bloomed tea leaves and enjoy your tea.

iLola Tea Service - Photo by Luxury Experience

The Proof is in the Tasting

We tried the Moroccan Mint Green Tea No. 26, a medium caffeine tea, made with Gunpowder Green Tea, Peppermint, Natural Peppermint Flavoring, Proprietary Probiotic Blend, Certified Organic. The tea was delicious with enough caffeine to say "hello" without being overpowering, and it had a lovely, lingering peppermint aftertaste that encouraged us to drink another cup. We drank the tea hot as well as cold and it was delicious either way. Served over ice with a sprig of mint and lemon garnish, we will be drinking this one all summer long.

We also tried the Royal Cream of Earl Grey No. 12, a high caffeine tea made with Kenyon Black Tea, Orange Peel, Blue Cornflower, Natural Bergamot Flavoring, Natural Vanilla Flavoring, Proprietary Probiotic Blend, Certified Organic. This tea is a "wake me up" kind of tea with high levels of caffeine that is perfect for a morning tea to get your day started, or as an afternoon "pick me up." The blend was well-crafted and delicious.

The Perfect Gift

With its diverse varieties of teas and ease of use, Tea by iLOLATM has everything you need to make perfect tea every time. With its stylish tea infuser and the Tea by iLOLATM Traveller (Thermos), it makes a wonderful gift for yourself or for your favorite tea drinker. Whether drinking tea at home, at the office, or on the go, Tea By iLOLATM tea discs provide the perfect cup, pot, or thermos of tea. Sold in gift sets, individual tea disc packs of fourteen tea discs per pack, as well as by subscription, Tea by iLOLATM takes the art of tea drinking to an elegant and easy new level.

Until next time, Bon Appetit!

For more information on Tea by iLOLATM and to purchase their products, please visit the website: www.iLOLATMtea.com.

Tea By iLOLATM is available for purchase at iLOLATM, Costco.com, Amazon and Neiman Marcus.

Tea by iLola

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