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Samantha Fish - Faster PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Samantha Fish - Faster
The release of Samantha Fish - Faster marks the eleventh release, on the Rounder Records label, by this remarkable singer, songwriter, guitarist, and overall outstanding musician. The creativity continues to roll from Samantha with 12 new tracks that encompass many different formats (genres). But with Samantha, the term genre is amiss when referring to her work, as creativity like Samantha's does not fit a single format or category, it fits being listened to over-and-over again. 


Samanta Fish Faster  

Samantha Fish - Faster 

Samantha Fish - Faster - Faster, All Ice No Whiskey, Twisted Ambition, Hypnotic, Forever Together, Crowd Control, Imaginary War, Loud featuring Tech N9ne, Better Be Lonely, So-Called Lover, Like A Classic, All The Words 

Personnel: Samantha Fish: lead vocal, guitars, Martin Kierszenbaum: piano, electric pianos, organs, synthesizers, guitars, percussion, Josh Freese: drums, Diego Navaira: bass, Hannah Brier: backing vocals, backing vocal arrangements, Tech N9ne: featured on "Loud" 

Samantha Fish - Faster was produced by Martin Kierszenbaum and released on the Rounder Records label. This marks the eleventh album release from Samantha Fish. 

Faster is 12 original tracks from Samantha and opens with the title track Faster, which is quintessential Samantha with her captivating lyrics, singing style and fiery guitar work. How can you not be drawn in with "Come on, right here, I'm gonna be a little forward. So shy, locked eyes, why are sitting in the corner...That's how I'll make your heart beat faster, faster." Get ready for an explosive ride as you listen to Faster. The next track All Ice No Whiskey is a track that toys with the listener, in a "nice" way, " miss when you kiss me, you're all ice, no whiskey yeah." You can see the connection that Samantha has with her audience as I caught Samantha Fish Live at the Fairfield Theatre Company, in early November 2021, just weeks after the release of Faster and I saw a couple of people wearing sweatshirts that they had printed with "All Ice No Whisky" across the front; they were ready for a party.  

The release transitions nicely to the track Twisted Ambition, which has a blistering intro with sultry guitar work complementing Samantha's engaging singing style and does not let loose throughout the track. The track Hypnotic follows and takes the release down a few beats and features Samantha singing and lets her masterful guitar work take a break, okay, just a couple of minutes break, before she lets you know who you are listening to with a powerful guitar segue. 

The track Forever Together is a bouncy rendition which sums up Samantha Fish with lyrics, "You gotta see it, gotta believe in it now, 'Cause if you want it, you gotta gun it, You gotta own it." One of my favorites is the track Crowd Control that has great harmonies and a solid back beat to keep the pace of the song driving along.

Imaginary War carries that twist of lyrics that Samantha is known for, "Quick draw the shooter falls, Don't want to love your chaos, Kiss kiss the cannonball...," and has her audience hanging on every transition and conquering guitar solo. Loud (featuring Tech N9ne) starts as a beautiful ballad that provides space for Samantha to express herself and then sprints into a powerful guitar section then bounces back and forth between the ballad format and a heavy-handed guitar with a slice of Rap from Tech N9ne. 

The track Better Be Lonely is another enticing track with guitar transitions that cull in the lyrics "You better, you better, you better, you better be lonely and hungry for my touch." The release closes with the tracks So-Called Lover a hard pounding scorching track with echoing harmonies that belt out, "You say you wanna kiss my scars, hold my heart, look what you started," followed by Like A Classic with a straight Blues format that no one does like Samantha, and the last track All The Words a poignant close to a release that is not be defined by genres, but is  defined by Samantha Fish and her unique way of crafting music. 

Catch Samantha Fish coming to a venue close to you - Tour - Samantha Fish.

Websites where you can procure Samantha Fish - Faster -Samantha Fish, and Amazon.   

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