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Rob Silverman – Drumology Volume III

by Edward F. Nesta
Rob Silverman - Drumology Volume III
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Get ready to let yourself go as you reset your heart rhythms with the third installment of the percussion forward Drumology series – Drumology Volume III. The creative minds of Rob Silverman, Michael Silverman and Jay Oliver have hatched another sensational release that features some of the best drummers in the world as they bring their unique flavor to each track. Accompanied by a Who’s Who of musicians, this is a release that will continue the musical groundswell started by Drumology Volume I and Drumology Volume II.


Rob Silverman – Drumology Volume III

Drumology Volume III: The Alchemist; Jaco’s Dream; Fibonacci’s Pie; Falcon Nine; Sevenish; Talk of The Town; Sailing

Personnel: Rob Silverman: Drums on "Falcon Nine," "Falcon Nine"; Steve Gadd: Drums on "The Alchemist"; Dave Weckl: Drums on "The Alchemist"; Roy "Futureman" Wooten: Drums on "Fibonacci Pie"; Gavin Harrison: Drums on "Sevenish"; Gergo Borlai: Drums on "Jaco’s Dream"; Glen Sobel: Drums on "Talk of The Town"; Casey Adams: Drums on "Falcon Nine"; Gumbi Ortiz: Drums on "Sailing"; Jamie Brauner: Drums on "Sailing"; Jay Oliver: Keyboardist/Producer; Michael Silverman: Pianist , Keyboardist; Larry Kornfeld: Bassist; Béla Fleck: Banjo; Frank Gambale: Guitarist; Jennifer Batten; Guitarist; Eric Marienthal: Saxophonist; John Patitucci: Bassist; John Wooten: Bassist; Paul Molkenbur: Vocalist on "Sailing", Guitarist; Jamie Kime: Guitarist; Shaina Adams: Backing Vocals on "Sailing"; Tracy Silverman: Violin; Hannah Silverman: Keyboards

Rob Silverman – Drumology Volume III was produced by Rob Silverman, Michael Silverman, and Jay Oliver and released on the Autumn Hills Records label. Drumology III follows the successful release of Drumology in 2020 and Drumology II in August 2022 (review in the Music Scene section – Rob Silverman – Drumology Volume II). All proceeds will benefit the Neil Peart Fund for brain cancer research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Drumology Volume III kicks the release off with the track, The Alchemist, featuring two of the most sought-after percussionists in the industry, Steve Gadd and Dave Weckl. This is a hard driving start to a release set around the foundation of music, the baseline. Dueling drum kits along with a sexy rousing saxophone and pulsating guitar work sends the message that we are in for another masterpiece from Rob Silverman; so, fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be an "explosive" ride.

The track Jaco’s Dream is the next heart pounding track that opens with a vibrant baseline that culls in the drums and a poetic piano segment while the rest of the band lends their creative nature to a captivating track that ends with a breathtaking crescendo. The track Fibanacci’s Pie carries the flavor of the Flecktones with Béla Fleck on banjo, Victor Wooten on bass, and Roy "Futureman" Wooten carving out his sound on percussion and Zendrum, the hybrid drum-guitar he helped conceive.

The track Falcon Nine brings together the Silverman Brothers (drums and keyboards) along with their friend Casey Adams on drums. Intermixing techno with pop to present a sensational progressive pop song. The release follows with the track Sevenish featuring Gavin Harrison on drums performing his renowned intricate rhythms that draws out musical layers from the saxophone and guitar segments.

The track Talk of the Town brings the rock arena feel to the release featuring Glen Sobel on drums, Eric Marienthal on saxophone, and Jennifer Batten on guitar. The release closes out with the track Sailing, the only track with vocals by Paul Molkenbur and backing vocals from Shaina Adams. The track brings in the Latin sound featuring the drumming prowess of Gumbi Ortiz and Jamie Brauner.

Drummology Volume III is a seven track defibrillator that will set your heart rhythms. Sit back and let the sounds of this percussion forward release wash over you.

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