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Adam Holt: Kind of Blues

by Debra C. Argen
Adam Holt - Kind of Blues
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Adam Holt: Kind of Blues is a 10-track Blues and Southern Rock album released on the Zenith Records label featuring 9 original songs written by the multi-talented singer, songwriter, guitarist Adam Holt, and a great tribute to Bob Dylan on the band’s cover of Lay Lady Lay. Joining Adam Holt are bandmates Owen Finley, Greg Deluca, Donnie Sundal, Lee Yankie, Mark Welborn, and Pierre Robinson, with John Keuler layering in additional guitars. The release hits the streets on May 24, 2019, making it the perfect musical backdrop for the summer (or anytime) months.

Adam Holt – Kind of Blues

Adam Holt: Kind of Blues: Mr. Morning Drive, Don’t Give Up On Me Baby, Bobby, I’m Still Holdin’ On, Before I Trusted You, Give The Dog A Bone, The Story Must Go On, The Bourgeoisie, The End, Lay Lady Lay

Personnel: Adam Holt: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, Owen Finley: bass, Greg Deluca: drums, Donnie Sundal: organ, piano, Lee Yankie: slide guitar, Mark Welborn: pedal steel, Pierre Robinson: bass, John Keuler: additional guitars

Adam Holt: Kind of Blues was released on the Zenith Records label.

Southern-born and raised Adam Holt writes about the release, "The title, Kind of Blues, is a reflection of the styles within the sound of the album. It has a blend of blues, country, Americana, and rock and roll, tied together by contemporary blues licks. The name is also a nod to Kind of Blue, the album made famous by Miles Davis, which I know very well. Trumpet was the first instrument I played, beginning in Middle School, all the way through college. I listened to Kind of Blue many nights when I worked on my analog recording gear, compressors, preamps and my tape machines, which I used to make this record. With every song on the album, I wanted to speak from the heart. Be it my own experience or the experiences of those that I love. Above all, it was most important to me to capture the meaning of the vintage sound, using analog gear and workflow that reflects the hey-day of the recording industry at a time when music was alive and truly meant something."

Adam Holt

With that said, sit back and get ready to listen and enjoy the 10-track Adam Holt: Kind of Blues album comprised of 9 original songs, and a cover of Bob Dylan’s iconic Lay Lady Lay. Mr. Morning Drive, which Adam Holt wrote with his singer-songwriter wife, Jillian Holt, opens the release,and if you have ever listened to drive-time radio, you will especially appreciate the announcer’s voice at the beginning and end of the song. What makes it especially interesting is that the song is about Jack Bell, Jillian’s grandfather, whose voice graced the radio waves as a DJ for over 50 years before retiring at the age of 90, and is the announcer’s voice that you hear at the beginning and end of the song. Catchy lyrics and some amazing guitar riffs make this song a standout.

Next on the playlist is Don’t Give Up On Me Baby, where Adam’s Southern roots show with its distinct Southern Rock feel and his exquisite guitarmanship. Donnie Sundal’s organ provides the interesting intro on Bobby. Adam and the band segue into the country with the song, I’m Still Holdin’ On, then slides into the blues-rock flavored catchy-lyric song with some great guitarlicks, Before I Trusted You.

Kicking it up a notch, the band shifts into honky-tonk blues with Give The Dog A Bone, and its sassy piano. The Story Must Go On, The Bourgeoisie, and The End, follow. The well-crafted album closes with an exemplary cover of Bob Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay.

Adam Holt

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

Listen to a teaser: Adam Holt: Kind of Blues: https://adamholtmusic.com/album/1034127/kind-of-blues

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