Jefferson Grizzard - Daydream Of Hope
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Jefferson Grizzard - Daydream Of HopeJefferson Grizzard establishes his talent front and center, with Daydream Of Hope, a follow-up to his acclaimed Learning To Lie CD, released on the Back Porch Syndicate Records label. The 9-track release features all original music written by Jefferson Grizzard, with impressive guitarmanship, storytelling lyrics, and a honeyed whiskey voice that helps Jefferson Grizzard and the band lay down a release that you will want to add to your collection.

Jefferson Grizzard - Daydream Of Hope

Jefferson Grizzard - Daydream Of Hope      

Jefferson Grizzard - Daydream Of Hope: Give Me A Sign, We're Just Kids Babe, Adelaide, Lonely Señorita, Sinners Like Me (Can't Be Saved), Fallout Frenzy, All That We Can Do Is Try, Honey You Can Treat Me Wrong, Daydream Of Hope

Jefferson Grizzard - Daydream Of Hope Personnel: Jefferson Grizzard - vocals, guitars, Mike Brignardello - bass guitar, Will Denton - drums, Steve Brewster - drums, Dennis Wage - keyboards, Aubrey Haynie - violin, mandolin, Eric Darken - percussion, Dan Dugmore - pedal steel guitar, Kim Keyes - backing vocals, Ben McRee - guitars, backing vocals.

Jefferson Grizzard - Daydream Of Hope was produced by Ben McCree on the Back Porch Syndicate Records label.

Although Jefferson Grizzard's release, Learning To Lie, was critically acclaimed, unfortunately he did not hit my radarscope until his latest release, Daydream Of Hope. Intrigued by his voice, the musicianship, and the wonderful storytelling lyrics, I decided to learn more about this young, very talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist. What I found is that Jefferson Grizzard hails from Rome, Georgia and has been writing music and playing guitar since the age of 13, and by 18, he had written over 100 songs and was playing in clubs while in college in Austin, Texas; quite an impressive beginning.

The release opens with the song, Give Me A Sign, which has a great guitar intro that segues into storytelling lyrics that captivate, "I've been working for the longest time, now there's nothing that can change my mind, there ain't nobody who can steal this from me now, I was born a miner's son, West Virginia can't hurt me none, I've lived in ways the law just won't allow..." 

Next in the line-up is the hard-driving We're Just Kids Babe that recalls the Tom Petty style, but make no mistake, this is pure Jefferson Grizzard, and the guitar chord changes throughout show his guitar prowess, followed by the song, Adelaide, a song full of regret, that comes out blazing with a drum intro. 

Jefferson and the band slow the pace with the enchanting and hauntingly beautiful ballad, Lonely Señorita, which has become one of my favorite cuts on the release. Dennis Wage sets the pace with a soft keyboards intro that segues into heartbreaking lyrics, "...Lonely Señorita, won't you dance with me awhile, I sure would love to know you, its been awhile since I smiled..." Ben McRee and Kim Keyes add backing vocals to Jefferson's voice that along with Aubrey's Haynie's violin, create a memorable song. 

Sinners Like Me (Can't Be Saved) picks up the pace and will have you on your feet dancing to this catchy rhythm enhanced by Dan Dougmore on pedal steel guitar. Next is Fallout Frenzy , that opens with drums and wind-out guitars that keep the action fast and furious, followed by All That We Can Do Is Try with a decidedly 70s feel and a fast pace will keep you in the groove. 

Honey You Can Treat Me Wrong, is pure music magic and a delicious blend of instrumentals with its violin opening to complement the evocative and poetic lyrics, "...I fell down to my knees, I was a stranger to deceit, these New York City Streets, forgot me long ago...walking down the road, trying to ease my weary load, I found a worn down tavern in a hole, on a bar stool sat King Lear, and from his eye a single tear, broken down, the jester's manic load..." Fabulous! The release closes with the title track, Daydream Of Hope, a lament of spoken word complemented by a lone guitar.

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