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Samantha Fish - Wild Heart PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Samantha Fish - Wild HeartSamantha Fish - Wild Heart is a blend of polished guitar work and engaging vocals that crosses genres from Rock, to Country, to Blues, and more. Her guitar riffs are like flint on steel as they ignite a musical flame which burns brightly throughout the release. Accompanied by Luther Dickerson, Brady Blade, Lightin' Malcolm, Sharde Thomas, and Dominic Davis, Samantha Fish stakes her claim as a musical force to be reckoned with for many years.


Samantha Fish - Wild Heart 

Samantha Fish - Wild Heart  

Samantha Fish - Wild Heart: Road Runner; Place To Fall; Blame It On The Moon; Highway's Holding Me Now; Go Home; Jim Lee Blues PT. 1; Turn It Up; Show Me; Lost Myself; Wild Heart; Bitch On The Run; I'm In Love With You

Personnel: Samantha Fish: Guitar, Vocals; Luther Dickinson: Bass Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin; Brady Blade: Drums; Shontelle Norman-Beatty: Vocals; Risse Norman: Vocals; Lightin' Malcolm: Guitar; Sharde Thomas: Drums; Dominic Davis: Bass Guitar;    

Samantha Fish - Wild Heart was produced by Luther Dickerson and was released on the Ruf Records label. Wild Heart is the third solo release for the 22-year-old singer / songwriter / guitar phenomenon. Samantha's first instrument was the drums, but she switched to the guitar, and we are so thankful for that move. Growing up in Kansas City Samantha frequented clubs and soaked in the live music scene "I really get into listening to live performances, and that's where it rubbed off on me. When you see something right in front of you, that's where the impact happens." The fire burns deep within Samantha and the Wild Heart release has the command of a live performance.

Samantha slashes her way through the opening track Road Runner about a man who done her wrong. Her vocals are fresh and the lyrics complement her guitar work, both are raw and cutting. A driving base line powers her through the track that tells the listener to take notice.

Place To Fall slows down the tempo with touching vocals surrounded by tempting guitar licks that Samantha combines masterfully on this emotionally charged track. Blame It On The Moon opens with a few chords off the lap steel guitar by Luther Dickerson coupled with the drum work of Brady Blade and you are pulled into the catchy beat and melody while Samantha belts out some soulful vocals.

Highway's Holding Me Down is down and dirty Blues with sassy guitar work and taut lyrics, "My chest is pulling tighter, My heart can't open wider, Do I have to leave for you to come around." Jim Lee Blues Pt. 1 slows it down with  Chicago Blues that shows off Samantha's prowess as she crosses genre's while her guitar and vocals go down as smooth as a fine shot of whiskey over a parched throat.

Lost Myself has a rock ballad melody and Samantha delivers heartwarming vocals and guitar work to this touching track, "Lost myself trying to set you free, Lost myself when I gave you the best of me, Lost myself in the cryin' that you never heard, Lost myself when will I ever learn." The title track, Wild Heart, lets it rip with a repeating guitar riff that blazes across the track and holds its own against Samantha's burning vocals.

Bitch on the Run unleashes some potent finger work as Samantha wails away on her guitar. The release closes with the heartfelt track I'm In Love With You, a poignant song with great lyrics "Lemme make love to you, I'll be true to you,...;" a beautiful track to close out this imposing release, a release that takes you across genres and provides a musical view into the person who is Samantha Fish.

Other tracks include Go Home, a country melody with great lyrics and subtle guitar work to draw the track along; Turn It Up and Show Me, two rocking tracks with power guitar riffs and commanding vocals.

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Websites where you can procure Samantha Fish - Wild Heart are Amazon, Samantha Fish, Proper Music, and iTunes.

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