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Polyrhythmics - Caldera PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Polyrhythmiscs - Caldera Seattle, Washington based instrumental Jazz Fusion band, the Polyrhythmics has a new album out, Polyrhythmics - Caldera and it is delectable! This talented 8-piece band brings a cohesive and freshness to this instrumental release that has a cutting-edge vibe that they recorded live with all members playing concurrently, which for the listener has the feel of sitting in a concert venue. The band wrote all 12-tracks on the release and it is definitely worth giving it many a listen.



Polyrhythmiscs - Caldera


Polyrhythmics - Caldera 


Polyrhythmics - Caldera: Goldie's Road, Spider Wolf, Marshmallow Man, Cactus Blossom, Au Jus, Journey to Caldera, Dragon Lotion, Compound, Bowling Green, Lord Of The Fries, Vodka For My Goat, Stargazer


Personnel: Ben Bloom - guitar, Grant Scruff - drums, Jason Gray - bass, Nathan Spicer - keyboards, Lalo Bello - percussion, Karl Olson - percussion, R. Scott Morning - trumpet, piano, Arthur Brown - tenor sax, flute, Elijah Clark - trombone, Jon Hansen - tuba (Cactus Blossom)


The Polyrhythmics - Caldera was produced by Polyrhythmics and Jason Gray.


Based in Seattle, Washington, the Polyrhythmics is an 8-piece instrumental Jazz Fusion band and Caldera is the band's follow-up to their highly acclaimed third album Octagon.


Ben Bloom explains the name of the release as, "A caldera is a term for what's left after a volcano erupts. It like an apropos album title considering where we are as a band right now. The last album was this explosion onto the scene for us, a statement of who we are and what we're here to do, and this one feels like a simmering crater that comes into focus once all that smoke clears."


Caldera opens with the track, Goldie's Road written by Elijah Clark which has an underwater otherworldly feel to the opening, followed by Spider Wolf written by Grant Shroff has the excitement of a circus; Marshmallow Man, written by Grant Schroff and Arthur Brown, opens with amazing horns that set the mood and pace for this take it slow and easy piece with nice keyboards interspersed throughout.


The release segues into Cactus Blossom, written by R. Scott Morning, and continues the slow groove and shows the polish on the apple of the musicianship, and is another great track with Jon Hansen layering in some fine tuba. Ben Bloom and R. Scott Morning take over co-writing duties on the track, Au Jus, which shines with its rich horn elements then slides into fabulous Funk.


Journey to Caldera, a Ben Bloom and R. Scott Morning composition, is another well composed piece that flows so well and shows how the band has continued to evolve and grow with their range of music. Keyboards and percussion work their magic with the horn section on this one to create something magical.


Next up is Dragon Lotion, written by Nathan Spicer, which has a Latin feel to it with its dance rhythms and plays like a dream. Compound written by Grant Schroff and R. Scott Morning has a playfulness with its impressive guitars and horn punctuation.


Bowling Green written by R. Scott Morning, continues the Latin fusion energy going and has some powerful horns segments. Lord Of The Fries written by Grant Schroff, has a percussion and guitar intro that leads to keyboards and has rich harmony of a big band of 8 musicians playing together and culminates in a fabulous duo of horns and drum solo.


Vodka For My Goat written by Arthur Brown and Grant Shroff is a high energy get-up-out-of-your-seat-and-dance track that brings on the Funk featuring a great bass interlude by Jason Gray. The release closes with the Jason Gray song, Stargazer, which tiptoes slowly to intrigue, entrance, and enchant the listener. Well worth many a listen - just keep hitting the play button.


Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

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