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Micki Free - Turquoise Blue PDF Print E-mail
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Micki Free - Turquoise Blue
The wait is over as Micki Free releases Turquoise Blue featuring 13 original tracks with a Who's Who of Guest Star Appearances from greats such as Andy Vargas, Steve Stevens, Karl Perazzo, Gary Clark, Jr., "Kingfish Ingraha", and Cindy Blackman-Santana. Written during extensive downtime when Covid first broke out, and as Micki stated, "The songs are a direct testament to how I felt during that crazy time." That crazy time lent itself to sensational Blues, Rock, and a bit of psychedelic all wrapped around great lyrics and vocals by Micki. 


Micki Free - Turquoise Blue

Micki Free - Turquoise Blue 

Turquoise Blue: Ridin - 420, Bye - 2020, Heavy Mercy, Invitation-Love, Come Home Big Man, All Along The Watchtower, Spring Fever, Judicator Blues, World On Fire, The Big Regret, Heaven Or Heroin, Ring Of Fire, Woman, Blue Memories 

Personnel: Micki Free: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Tambourine, Killer Hats & Clothes, Cool Vibes, ...Have Mercy; Soaring "Hawk" Lopez: Drums; Mark "Muggy Do" Leach: Hammond, Fender Rhodes & Piano; Ken "Mojo Man" Riley: Bass; Trish Bowden: Backing Vocals; Andy Vargas: Lead Vocals on "World On Fire"; Steve Stevens: Nylon Guitar on "The Regret", Electric Guitar solo on "Bye-2020; Karl Perazzo: Percussion on "World - On - Fire"; Gary Clark, Jr: Guitar Solo on "Woman", Christone "Kingfish" Ingraha: Solo on "Judicator Blues", Cindy Blackman-Santana: Drums on "World On Fire" 

Micki Free - Turquoise Blue was written, produced, composed, arranged and performed by Micki Free, and was released on the Dark Idol Music label. With a list of accomplishments that include Grammy Award winner, Five Time Native American Music Award winner, initially managed by Gene Simmons (KISS), and heralded by Carlos Santana and Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Micki became a sought-after guitarist for gigs with Bill Wyman, Diana Ross, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Cheap Trick, to name of few. 

Turquoise Blue is 14 tracks (13 original tracks, one cover) of sweltering Blues, hard driving Rock, and is destined to be a standard for the burgeoning Blues and Rock guitarists. The release opens firing on all cylinders with Ridin-420, firing not only from the guitar work, which is mesmerizing, but with powerful lyrics and Micki Free vocals. The release follows up with Bye-2020, a sentimental track as Turquoise Blue was "penned" during the initial months of the pandemic. 

The release rolls into the track Have Mercy, which is Micki Free's most popular catch phrase, and the song with its powerful guitar licks and emotional vocals will have you saying, "Have Mercy!" The guitar work carries the Jimmy Hendrix psychedelic feel, which coincidentally is one of Micki's influences. The track Invitation - Love is a hard-driving Blues track where Micki lets it all out for some memorable guitar solos.   

The release features a Who' Who of guest stars such as Christone "Kingfish" Ingraha with a solo on Judicator Blues. A down and dirty Blues beat with "fun" lyrics, "I am the law here and you're on trial for leaving me...they call me the hanging judge cause I ain't got no reprocity." 

The track World On Fire is another star-studded tune with Cindy Blackman-Santana on drums, Karl Perazzo on percussions, and Andy Vargas on lead vocals. This track carries a Santana rhythm supported by the bass line set by Cindy Blackman-Santana, as well as showcases Micki on vocals and guitar, and is one of my favorite tracks. 

The track Woman features Gary Clark, Jr. with a powerful guitar solo wrapped around a driving melody and Micki's Bluesy vocals. Other tracks include Spring Fever, a ballad that slows things down, but still carries the Micki Free feel of a solid melody, meaningful lyrics and vocals. Tracks that burn are Come Home Big Mama, Invitation Love, Heaven or Heroine, and Ring of Fire. The cover track, All Along The Watchtower, which Micki first heard live at age 12, is a testament to the influence of Jimi Hendrix on Micki as he projects the same power, passion and attitude that distinguished Jimi Hendrix's style.  

The release is chock full of Blues, Rock-n-Roll, and just plain outstanding music. 

Websites where you can procure Micki Free - Turquoise Blue: Apple, High Res Audio, Micki Free 

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