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Gary Meek - Monterey Groove PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Gary Meek - Monterey Groove
Jazz composer, musician, band leader Gary Meek debuts his new band comprised of Gary Meek, Michael Lent, Skylar Campbell, and Robert Wider and their new Jazz album, Monterey Groove. Joining the band on this stellar release include special guests Flora Purim, Airto Moreira, Dave Weckl, Dave Marotta, Dan Robbins, Robert Papacica, Anthony Paolini, Akili Bradley, Janice Perl, John Nava, and Dennis Murphy. Released on the Autumn Hill Records label, Monterey Groove, hits the streets on August 27, 2021.


Gary Meek - Monterey Groove 

Gary Meek - Monterey Groove: For A Long Time, Power Station, Midnight Sky, Monterey Groove, Bosphorous Blues, The Hope, Move Out! Shuffle This, Cannery Row, Horizon, Jenna's Song 

Personnel: The Band: Gary Meek: tenor and soprano sax, flute, keyboards, percussion programming, Michael Lent: guitar, nylon string, electric guitar, Skylar Campbell: drums, Robert Wider: bass 

Guest Artists: Flora Purim: vocal, Airto Moreira: percussion, Dave Weckl: drums, Dave Marotta: fretless bass, Dan Robbins: fretless bass, Robert Papacica: guitar, Anthony Paolini: tenor sax solo, Akili Bradley: trumpet, Janice Perl: vocal, John Nava: percussion, Dennis Murphy: bass 

Gary Meek - Monterey Groove, was produced by Michael Lent and Gary Meek with Executive Producers Larry and Mitsue Swezey and released on the Autumn Hill Records label. 

Gary Meek shows his prowess as a multi-talented musician as well as a composer on this release, writing 8 of the 11 songs and co-writing 2 more songs with Michael Lent. The 11-track release opens with the stellar composition, For A Long Time, which features just the band and has Gary Meek laying down some sparkling keyboards and runs 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Next up is Power Station, where powerful tenor and soprano saxes give this catchy tune its punch. 

Gary Meek
Gary Meek

The band slows it down on Midnight Sky and has some memorable keyboard selections. Pack your bags and slide into the Monterey vibe with the title track Monterey Groove, where Michael Lent plays a nylon string as well as electric guitar to capture the cool California experience. The band brings on the funk with Bosphorous Blues, which has excellent guitar work by guest musician Robert Papacica and John Nava on percussion. 

Michael Colombier and Flora Purim collaborated writing on The Hope, which has Flora Purim's hauntingly beautiful lyrics and vocals. Guest musicians Airto Moreira contributes percussion and Dave Marotta plays fretless bass, with Michael Lent on guitar, Gary Meek on soprano sax and keyboards, and Skylar Campbell on drums. Next in the playlist is Move Out! featuring guest musician and longtime collaborator Dave Weckl on drums. (Gary played on The Dave Weckl Band Live in St. Louis released in April 2021.) 

Another great song on the release is Shuffle This, which features a tenor sax solo by Anthony Paolini, Akili Bradley on trumpet, and Janice Perl scatting her way through this Gary Meek composition. Coming into the home stretch of the release, the song Cannery Row, is purely the band, with Gary Meek layering in flute on this Michael Lent/Gary Meek song collaboration. Next to the last track on the release is Horizon, which has Akili Bradley on trumpet and Krishna Booker on percussion joining the band. 

The release closes with the slow and lovely Gary Meek composition, Jenna's Song, featuring Gary Meek on tenor sax and keyboards, Michael Lent on guitar and Roland guitar synth, guest musician Dan Robbins on fretless bass, and Skylar Campbell on drums. 

Watch a teaser: Gary Meek - Monterey Groove 

For information on Gary Meek and upcoming performances, please visit his website: 

Follow Gary Meek:
Instagram: @garymeeksax

Websites where you can purchase Gary Meek - Monterey Groove: 

Until next time, keep enjoying the music! 

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