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Artur Menezes - Fading Away PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Artur Menezes - Fading Away
If you love Rock, Blues and Brazilian music, then you are in for a treat with Artur Menezes' latest release, Fading Away. Joining Artur Menezes on the release are Gui Bodi, Lemar Carter, Kesha Shantrell, Revel Day, Carey Frank, Travis Carlton. Matt Mitchell, Zé Leal, Gary Novak, Chris Chaney, and Special Guests: Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith. Released on the VizzTone label, this 8-track release is destined to become a favorite. Although the title of the release is Fading Away, make no mistake, Artur Menezes is front and center and boldly making his presence known. 


Artur Menezes - Fading Away

Artur Menezes - Fading Away

Artur Menezes - Fading Away: Fading Away, Devil's Own, Come On (featuring Joe Bonamassa, Northeast, Fight For Your Love, Free At Last (featuring Josh Smith), Until I Can See, Green Card Blues

Artur Menezes - Fading Away Personnel: Artur Menezes: guitar, vocals, Gui Bodi: bass, Lemar Carter: drums, Kesha Shantrell and Revel Day: background vocals, Carey Frank: Hammond B3 and organ, Travis Carlton: bass on Free At Last, Matt Mitchell: rhythm guitar on Free At Last, Zé Leal: percussion on Northeast, Gary Novak: drums Fight For Your Love, Chris Chaney: bass on Fight For Your Love, Special Guests: Joe Bonamassa: guitars, Come On, Josh Smith: guitars, Free At Last

Artur Menezes - Fading Away was produced by Josh Smith and released on the VizzTone label.

I listen to a lot of great music; however, some releases have the power to catch your attention on the opening bar of the first track and hang on to it throughout the release. Award-winning Brazilian guitarist, singer, and songwriter Artur Menezes' newest release, Fading Away, is one of them. Artur Menezes wrote all songs on this dynamic 8-track release, which runs 46 minutes.  

Formerly from the Northeast of Brazil, Artur calls California home where he has earned recognition in the music world as a talented singer, songwriter, and musician, and has won many awards for his guitar work. Fading Away is his fifth album.  

Artur Menezes wrote all the music for the 8-track release that opens with the title track, Fading Away, which comes on strong and fast like a freight train hitting you with the rapid speed of his chord changes and riffs, and the lyrics will blow you away and have you singing along on the chorus, a fabulous intro to a spectacular release.  

He shifts the album into a slightly lower drive on Devil's Own, so sit back and listen to his storytelling lyrics of a man whose woman leaves him and the problems that ensue. The lyrics are pure genius, and once again, the musicianship is out of the park.  

Next on the play list is Come On featuring Joe Bonamassa, which has some mighty fine guitar work with Joe Bonamassa and Artur layering in the sound. The track Northeast has a blend of Brazilian rhythms and Blues and is another winner of a song. 

Other great tracks on the release are, Fight For Your Love, Free At Last (featuring Josh Smith) on guitar, and Until I Can See. The release ends with the song called Green Card Blues about a journey from the Northeast of Brazil to living in the United States. The song lasts just shy of 10 minutes and is a fitting grand finale to a fabulous release.  

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!  

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