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Tom Kennedy Stories featuring Dave Weckl

by Debra C. Argen
Tom Kennedy Stories featuring Dave Weckl
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Instrumental Jazz composer musician Tom Kennedy has some new tales to tell with his latest release, Tom Kennedy Stories featuring Dave Weckl released on the instrumental label, Autumn Hill Records, that hits the street on June 11, 2021. Tom Kennedy is joined by a musical "who’s who" of talent including Dave Weckl, Jay Oliver, Gary Meek, Roger Squitero, Nick Marchione, Mike Stern, Ada Rovatti, Rand Brecker, Roger Guth, and Bill Evans. Instrumental Jazz fans are in for a real treat with this release as the 8-composition release runs 55-minutes and is pure musical inspiration.


Tom Kennedy Stories featuring Dave4 Weckl

Tom Kennedy Stories: Hurry Up!, Elements, The 70’s, Stories, Don’t Forget Your Jacket, A Simple Song, Altitude, BB’s Blues

Personnel: Tom Kennedy: electric bass, acoustic bass, keyboards, Dave Weckl: drums, Jay Oliver: keyboards, Gary Meek: tenor and soprano saxes, bass clarinet, Roger Squitero: percussion, Nick Marchione: trumpet, brass section, Mike Stern: guitar, Ada Rovatti: tenor and soprano saxes, Randy Brecker: trumpet, Roger Guth: drums, Bill Evans: tenor and soprano saxes

Tom Kennedy Stories featuring Dave Weckl was produced by Tom Kennedy and Associate Producer Dave Weckl. Tom Kennedy composed all tracks on the impressive album, released on the Autumn Hill Records label.

American composer bassist Tom Kennedy has spent almost five decades as a professional musician accumulating many stories along the way. For his latest release, Tom Kennedy Stories featuring Dave Weckl, he has assembled la crème-de-la-crème of renowned musical talent to help him tell his stories, including Dave Weckl, Jay Oliver, and Gary Meek, who return the musical favor as Tom Kennedy played with the band on The Dave Weckl Band Live in St. Louis (April 2021) release.

Other stellar notables on the release are guitarist Mike Stern (Lee Ritenour’s 6 String Theory , Chuck Loeb – Between 2 Worlds , Yellowjackets – Lifecycle) , Randy Brecker (Rhythm City , Eliane Elias – Dance Of Time ), percussionist Roger Squitero, trumpeter Nick Marchione (Broadway, Carnegie Hall Jazz Band, Birdland Big Band), drummer Roger Guth (Jimmy Buffet Band), Italian saxophonist Ada Rovatti (Bob Mintzer Band, Herbie Hancock, Aretha Franklin, Mike Stern), and Bill Evans (Miles Davis Group, Robben Ford).

Another interesting note about the Tom Kennedy Stories featuring Dave Weckl release, is that Tom wrote all the compositions while traveling throughout the world over many years, and the release reflects his experiences in those places, like musical photographs of his journeys.

Tom Kennedy writes of the release, "Stories encompasses so many different things to me. It’s all about the places and the people that were involved in it. When I listen to one of these songs, I can see a vision from the place where I was when I was writing that song, or I get a sense of the smell of the hotel or venue. They’re very personal memories. It’s like emotional GPS."

Tom Kennedy starts the release off with the composition, Hurry Up! that is 8-minutes of pure musical pleasure, each note building and layering on the last for a fantastic start. Playing with longtime friends, Tom and the talented ensemble meld and mesh seamlessly, like long-term couples who know what the other is going to say before they say it. There is lots of musical punch on this composition that makes it so delectable.

Next up on the play list, is Elements, which has a great drum intro, followed the composition, The 70’s, which brings on the 70’s funk and cooks with the perfect amount and blend of musical seasoning. The title track, Stories, is at the halfway mark on the release and tells many stories on its own. Tom and the band take it easy on this one, which is like a musical reflection of memories of time and influences on the road.

The composition Don’t Forget Your Jacket has a great drum and horn intro which is a definite highlight, then the release segues into A Simple Song, which is simply exquisite, followed by Altitude with its measured drum opening. The release closes with a stellar funky track, BB’s Blues, named for the St. Louis club, BB’s Jazz, Blues and Soups, where a young Tom Kennedy played along with his brother Ray Kennedy (1957 – 2015). So many great tracks, so many great musical memories. Do pick up Tom Kennedy Stories featuring Dave Weckl and give it many a listen, the stories are well worth it.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

Websites where you can purchase Tom Kennedy Stories featuring Dave Weckl: Dave Weckl Store, Amazon

Listen to a Teaser: https://www.autumnhillrecords.com/tom-kennedy-stories

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