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Dana Fuchs – Borrowed Time

by Debra C. Argen
Dana Fuchs - Borrowed Time
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Singer, songwriter Dana Fuchs proves once again why she is the reigning "Queen of Blues Rock" with her latest CD, Borrowed Time, released on the Ruf Records label. Great storytelling lyrics, masterful instrumentals, and Dana Fuchs’ powerhouse of a voice on this 12-track release with its strong Southern Rock focus is truly sensational and hits the streets on April 29, 2022.


Dana Fuchs: Borrowed Time

Dana Fuchs: Borrowed Time: Double Down On Wrong, Blue Mist Road, Call My Name, Save Me, Curtain Close, Hard Road, Borrowed Time, Nothing You Own, Not Another Second On You, Lonely Lie, Last To Know, Star

Dana Fuchs: Borrowed Time Personnel: Dana Fuchs: lead vocals, tambourine; Jon Diamond: electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals, harmonica; Kenny Tudrick: electric and acoustic guitars; Jordan Champion: keyboards; Jack Daley: bass; Todd Glass: drums

I have been a longtime fan of Dana Fuchs ever since I heard her debut album on the Ruf Records label Dana Fuchs – Love to Beg back in 2011, followed by Dana Fuchs – Bliss Avenue, Dana Fuchs – Songs From The Road, andDana Fuchs – Love Lives On. I have also had the pleasure of attending many of her live performances throughout the years in various venues, and she is a dynamic perfomer that holds audiences in the palrm of her hand wherever she performs.

Dana Fuchs was born in New Jersey and raised in Florida before her talent brought her to in New York City to hone her craft. Her tremendous voice, coupled with her ability as a songwriter to write song lyrics that can hit the heart like a steamroller or like a velvety soft caress, are the impetus that have propelled her career. Her dedication to her craft has garnered well-deserved respect from her fans in the United States as well as internationally.

Her latest release, Dana Fuchs: Borrowed Time, which hits the streets on April 29, 2022, once again proves her artistry as a gifted songwriter writing all of the songs on the release with her longtime co-writer and guitarist, Jon Diamond, with the exception of three songs where she and Jon Diamond pool their talent with Kevin Mackall on Double Down On Wrong and Not Another Second On You, and the opening track, Blue Mist Road written by Dana, Jon, Kevin Mackall, Mark Narmore, and Sandy Carroll.

Dana Fuchs: Borrowed Time was produced by Bobby Harlow and Kenny Tudrick with Executive Producers Kevin Mackall and Thomas Ruf and released on the Ruf Records label.

The release opens like a freight train barreling down the track at full speed with Double Down On Wrong, a hard driving song that punches holes in the ceiling with this catchy number. Next up is Blue Mist Road whose lyrics draw you in to listen carefully as Dana tells an intriguing story.

Dana slows the pace to let the listener sit back and catch their collective breath on the track, Call My Name, which is one of my favorites on the release, then segues into the fast-paced Save Me. Curtain Close keeps the story going as Dana belts out the lyrics. Hitting the half-way mark in the release is the song, Hard Road, with hard-hitting instrumentals before segueing into the heartfelt lyrics.

The title track, Borrowed Time, is sheer inspiration and shines with layered guitars and great lyrics. Dana takes it nice and slow on Nothing You Own which is another stellar song, then kicks it back up into high gear on Not Another Second On You, where Dana belts out the lyrics with fiery instrumentals to match the story.

Coming down the home stretch of the album are the final tracks of Lonely Lie with its Southern Rock flavor, Last To Know – another hard-driving song that lets Dana’s powerful vocals shine through, and deftly closes out with Star where Jon Diamond, Kenny Tudrick, and Jack Daley create some guitar and bass magic to make this song a standout. As with her past releases, Dana Fuchs continues to prove that she lays it on the line with her newest release, Borrowed Time, and for that, this listener is greatly appreciative.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

Websites where you can purchase Dana Fuchs: Borrowed Time: Get Along Records, Ruf Records,Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others.

To learn more about Dana Fuchs and her upcoming tour schedule, please visit: www.DanaFuchs.com

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/danafuchsverified
Twitter: @DanaFuchsTweet

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