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Casey James – If You Don’t Know By Now

by Debra C. Argen
Casey James - If You Don't Know By Now
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American singer, songwriter, guitarist Casey James shines on his latest 10-track blues release, If You Don’t Know By Now produced by Grammy® winner Tom Hambridge. Joining Casey James are Tom Hambridge, Tommy Macdonald, Mike Rojas, Rob McNelley, Wendy Moten, Bryan Meggison, and Desmond Ng. The release, Casey James – If You Don’t Know By Now, hit the street on September 18, 2020, so run to pick up a copy.


Casey James – If You Don’t Know By Now

Casey James – If You Don’t Know By Now: Live Life, Shake Some Salt, Girl’s Got Something, Real, Don’t Break A Heart, Here To Please, If You Don’t Know By Now, Wish Me Luck, Be Mine, Come On Saturday Night, Nothin But Time, A Better Place, Faith, (More) Faith

Casey James – If You Don’t Know By Now –Personnel: Casey James: vocals, guitars, Tom Hambridge: drums, background vocals, percussion, Tommy Macdonald: bass, Mike Rojas: keys, Rob McNelley: rhythm guitar, Wendy Moten: background vocals, Emmanuel Echem: trumpet, Bryan Meggison: saxophone, Desmond Ng: trombone, Horn Arrangements by Bryan Meggison and Casey James, Horn Arrangement on Come On Saturday Night by Bryan Meggison

Casey James – If You Don’t Know By Now was produced by Grammy® winner Tom Hambridge.

Audiences came to know Casey James several years ago when he was a finalist on the television show, American Idol. Hard work and talent though, has kept him at the forefront in the music world. Moving to Nashville, Tennessee, he released his first independent album, Strip It Down, in 2017, where he wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the release.

His latest release, If You Don’t Know By Now, released on September 18, 2020, once again shows Casey James’ creative talent with his songwriting, vocals, and musicianship. The 10-track release opens with the song, Live Life, with blazing horns, exceptional guitarwork, and catchy lyrics that will soon have you singing along.

Next up is Shake Some Salt, with a delectably long guitar intro and lyrics that state "…Shake a little more salt into my wounds…." Winding guitars make this song a winner. The release continues with the fast-paced Girl’s Got Something that defies you sit still in your chair. Why fight it, get up, and dance like you mean it.

Casey and the band slide it into lower gear on the track Real, "…ain’t nothing wrong baby that’s how it feels when its real…" another stellar song that is complemented by Wendy Moten’s vibrant background vocals. Picking up the pace comes Don’t Break A Heart, that reminds the listener how a good love is hard to find so don’t break a heart that loves you. There are great instrumental passages on this hard-hitting blues-rock song.

The slow and sultry, Here To Please, is pure sensuous pleasure. Stellar lyrics and exceptional guitarwork and horns are the hallmarks of this fabulous song, which is one of my favorites on the release. Do not be shy about hitting the replay button on this one.

Picking up the pace is the feel-good title track, If You Don’t Know By Now, which reminds loved ones that they should know by now that they are loved.

Slowing the pace, Casey and the band segue into Wish Me Luck, another slow and sultry song with expertly crafted instrumentals and lyrics, followed by Be Mine. Tom Hambridge pounds out the rollicking drum rhythm intro followed by the horns on the fast-paced, come on and have some fun track, Come On Saturday Night. Grab your favorite dance partner as the band segues into the slow-paced track, Nothin But Time.

The release closes with three great songs, A Better Place, Faith, and (More) Faith which leaves the listener with wailing guitar riffs. Once again, Casey James has nailed a great release with If You Don’t Know By Now (I love you). I would say the feeling is mutual!

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

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