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Crystal Shawanda – Church House Blues

by Debra C. Argen
Crystal Shawanda - Church House Blues
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Blues singer songwriter Crystal Shawanda shows her passion and her incredible vocals on her latest release, Church House Blues released on the Canadian True North Records label. Joining forces with Crystal Shawanda on this fantastic release: Darren James, Dave Roe, Michael Dearing, Jonathan Nixon, Hinkie Hamilton, Dewayne Strobel, Tommy Stillwell, Peter Keys, Jessie O’Brien, Dana Robbins, Miqui Guitierez, Stephen Hanner, McCrary Sisters, Angela Hurt, KG Green, and Quisha Wint. The 10-track Blues album hits the streets on April17, 2020. This is one you will definitely want to add to your Blues collection.


Crystal Shawanda – Church House Blues

Crystal Shawanda – Church House Blues: Church House Blues, Evil Memory, Move Me, Rather Be Alone, When It Comes To Love, Hey Love, Blame It On The Sugar, Bigger Than The Blues, I Can’t Take It, New Orleans Is Sinking

Personnel: Louis Winfield – drums, Darren James – drums, Dave Roe – bass, Michael Dearing – bass, Jonathan Nixon – bass, Hinkie Hamilton -bass, Dewayne Strobel – guitars, Tommy Stillwell – guitar (EvilMemory), Peter Keys – Keys, Jessie O’Brien – keys, Dana Robbins – saxophone, Miqui Guitierez – saxophone, Stephen Hanner– Harmonica, Background Vocals: McCrary Sisters, Angela Hurt, KG Green, Quisha Wint, Crystal Shawanda

Crystal Shawanda – Church House Blues was produced by Dewayne Strobel and Executive Producers Rob Pattee and Crystal Shawanda and released on the True North Records label.

For those not familiar with the talented Crystal Shawanda, she grew up in Ontario, Canada on the Wikwemikong reserve where her parents taught her to sing, play guitar, and raised her on Country music. Her oldest brother introduced her to the Blues, and for that, listeners should be thankful. Performing professionally since the age of 10, Crystal started traveling to Nashville, Tennessee by the age of 12 and cut her first album at 13.

Deftly honing her incredible talent throughout the years, Crystal Shawanda brings her passion, her larger than life vocals, and songwriting talent to her latest project – Church House Blues, recorded in Nashville. The release opens with the title track, Church House Blues written by David Norris, Lowell Gaines and Crystal Shawanda, a stunning track that sets the style and pace for the 10-track release.

Crystal Shawanda

Crystal Shawanda writes in the liner notes, "Why Church House Blues? Because we are all more the same than we are different. We find refuge where we find comfort, but were all just trying to get through life, no judgment, just understanding & love."

Next up is Evil Memory, a Tommy Stillwell and Larry Grisham tune. At 5:57 minutes, it is the longest track on the release and has a great instrumental opening before Crystal slides into slow and sultry vocals, with some nice keys work to complement this fabulous song.

Picking up the pace, the release continues with the Vanyah Venhuizen song, Move Me. Crystal Shawanda and her husband and guitarist Dwayne Strobel share the songwriting credits on Rather Be Alone, a perfect groove that takes it nice and easy with some excellent guitar riffs, and again on the next track, When It Comes To Love, with its beautiful instrumental intro.

The playlist continues with another great song, Hey Love, written by David Norris, Crystal, and Dewayne, featuring a host of talented background vocalists. Husband and wife team up on songwriting credits on the tracks Blame It On The Sugar, and on the slow and sultry Bigger Than The Blues.

Crystal Shawanda – Church House Blues deftly closes with the Morgan Alexander and Darren James song, I Can’t Take It, followed by New Orleans Is Sinking written by Gord Downie, Robert Baker, John Fay, Paul Langlois, and Robert Sinclair, which opens with hand claps that will have you joining in as Crystal belts it out.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

Listen to a teaser, When It Comes To Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L76B4ruBwF0

For information on Crystal Shawanda please visit her website: www.crystalshawanda.co

Websites where you can purchase Crystal Shawanda -Church House Blues: iTunes, Blues Music Store, and Amazon.

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