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Blues Beatles 2017

by Debra C. Argen
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Brazilian band, the Blues Beatles deftly combines the band’s love of the Blues with their passion for the Beatles, and their 9-track release, Blues Beatles 2017 goes beyond a tribute and delves deeper into showcasing and melding two distinct styles and imprinting it with their own indelible mark; namely Blues and Beatles music. With songs: A Hard Day’s Night, Eleanor Rigby, You Can’t Do That, Stand By Me, I’ve Got A Feeling, Ticket To Ride, Yellow Submarine, The Word, and Help, the album is a standout.


Blues Beatles 2017

Blues Beatles 2017: A Hard Day’s Night, Eleanor Rigby, You Can’t Do That, Stand By Me, I’ve Got AFeeling, Ticket To Ride, Yellow Submarine, The Word, Help

Personnel: Marcos Viana: vocals, Flávio Naves: Hammond, piano, Lancaster Ferreira: guitar, Bruno Falcão: bass, Humberto Zigler: drums, Denilson Martins: saxophone, Ivan Marcio: harmonica (track 9, Help)

Blues Beatles was produced by Marcos Viana and Flávio Naves and mixed at Space Blues Studio, São Paulo, Brazil.

During a recent trip to Brazil in late March 2019, my friend Gilberto Sacilotti "introduced" me to the music of the Blues Beatles. A longtime fan of the Blues, I was curious as to how this Brazilian band would approach the music of the "fab four," the one and only Beatles, and give it a Blues treatment. It turns out that the band has two passions, namely the Blues and music of the Beatles, and they deftly combine the two.

In the talented hands of the band comprised of Marcos Viana (vocals), Flávio Naves (Hammond and piano, Lancaster Ferreira (guitar), Bruno Falcão (bass), Humberto Zigler (drums), Denilson Martins (saxophone) and Ivan Marcio (who plays harmonica on track 9, Help), the release is mighty fine. Sung in English with some killer instrumental passages throughout made the release one that made me sit up and take notice.

Right out of the box, the Blues Beatles caught my interest as the release opens with the song, A Hard Day’s Night, featuring a killer honky-tonk piano intro by Flávio Naves that sets the Blues mood followed by some hard-driving drums by Humberto Zigler that makes the song their own genre, namely Blues and Beatles.

Nextup is Eleanor Rigby, which gets a nice opening kick from Humberto Zigler on drums. The release continues with You Can’t Do That another standout with Flávio Naves on Hammond organ, and Denilson Martin’s saxophone giving this song its powerful and captivating rhythm and style. The band segues into a favorite, Stand By Me, with Denilson Martins’ wailing saxophone that will have you on your feet and dancing around the room.

The band slows it down with I’ve Got A Feeling, which is truly a gorgeous rendition with its Blues interpretation, followed by Ticket To Ride, which seguesinto Denilson Martins’ fabulous saxophone opening that gives the Yellow Submarine its punch and bluesy feel as he wails away throughout the song.

Flávio Naves’s Hammond organ intro on The Word, sets the song apart as they make it their own. The release deftly closes with the song, Help, featuring Ivan Marcioon harmonica. Beatles and Blues music fans are sure to love this release by the Blues Beatles.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

For information on the Blues Beatles and upcoming tour schedule in the United States and Brazil, please visit the website: www.BluesBeatles.com.br

Listen to a teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01T1tIvYkwQ

Websites where you can procure the Blues Beatles 2017 release: Amazon.com

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