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Randy Lee Riviere – Wyoming

by Debra C. Argen
Randy Lee Rivere - Wyoming
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Singer-songwriter guitarist Randy Lee Riviere has a new 13-track release entitled Wyoming that is Country accented Blues. Together with Kenneth Blevins, David Santos, Kevin McKendree, James Pennebaker, and Yates McKendree, Randy Lee Riviere: Wyoming is a release that will have you sitting up, taking notice, and giving it many a listen to Randy’s engaging, storytelling lyrics complemented by some exceptionally fine instrumental work. The album hit the street on February 26, 2021 on the Wilderness Records label.


Randy Lee Riviere – Wyoming

Randy Lee Riviere: Wyoming: Lots to Say, Our Town, Keep Your Eyes On Your Station, Fences, Boys, What I Want, Riverdale, Eighth Wonder, Dependance Day, Break My Heart, Red Morning, Wyoming

Personnel: Randy Lee Riviere: vocals, guitar, Kenneth Blevins: drums, David Santos: bass, Kevin McKendree: guitar, piano, organ, James Pennebaker: pedal steel, fiddle, guitar, Yates McKendree: guitar (on Boys)

Randy Lee Riviere: Wyoming was produced by Grammy-winner Kevin McKendree and released on the Wilderness Records label.

Background Information on Randy Lee Riviere

Although new to me, Randy Lee Riviere is no stranger to music. Prior to releasing this album under his own name, he performed as "Mad Buffalo" a project that began in the early 2000s and produced 4 albums.

Randy Lee Riviere comments about this release, "My concern for the fate of the land is paramount to my life. Seeing so much of the West swallowed by humanity and developer greed is always at the forefront of my mind. Seeing the ground I grew up on in Northern California get entirely covered over with housing developments burns deeply within me. The land of my formative years … betrayed."

Randy Lee Riviere - photo by andrew geiger
Randy Lee Riviere
photo by Andrew Geiger

Singer-songwriter, guitarist Randy Lee Riviere has a whiskey and honey gravelly voice made to sing his hard-hitting, evocative, and inspired songs. Full of meaning and grit, Randy wrote all the songs on the 13-track release, and co-wrote the song, Boys, with Michael Ward.

The release opens with, Lots to Say, where Randy Lee Riviere shows his storytelling style with great lyrics and some killer instrumentals that create a fabulous opening. Next up, the band slows down the pace and glides into Our Town. A deeply personal song, the lyrics hits at the heart about the state of many small towns. His lyrics implore, "Why tear it down? This old town just got warn down…"

Keep Your Eyes On Your Station has some fabulous instrumental work, then segues into Fences, which is Country accented Blues. Kevin McKendree’s son, Yates McKendree, proves that the apple did not fall far from the tree, with his stellar guitar work on the track, Boys.

Other great tracks include What I Want, another song with Country flavor and some excellent pedal steel work by James Pennebaker, and Break My Heart, which picks up the pace and rocks the house. The release closes with the title track, Wyoming, which is a stunning instrumental piece.

Do pick up the release, Wyoming, and give it a listen while reading the lyrics and liner notes to fully appreciate Randy Lee Riviere; you will be pleased that you did.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

Websites where you can purchase Randy Lee Riviere: Wyoming: Randy Lee RiviereMusic.Apple.com, Amazon

For information on Randy Lee Riviere please visit the website: www.randyleeriviere.com

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