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Eric Johanson – The Deep And The Dirty

by Debra C. Argen
Eric Johanson - The Deep And The Dirty
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Blues Rock guitarist, singer, songwriter Eric Johanson has a new album out that totally rocks entitled, The Deep And The Dirty. Joining Eric on this stellar release are Terrence Higgins on drums, Eric Vogel on bass, Jesse Dayton on shaker and tambourine, and Patrick Herzog on shaker and tambourine. The 12-track album was released on the Ruf Records label, hit the streets on July 28, 2023, and is well worth giving it many a listen.


Eric Johanson – The Deep And The Dirty: Don’t Hold Back, The Deep And The Dirty, Beyond The Sky, Undertow, Just Like New, Elysian Fields, Galaxy Girl, Familiar Sound, Gets Me High, Stepping Stone, Borrowed Time, She Is The Song

Personnel: Eric Johanson: guitar and vocals, Terrence Higgins: drums, Eric Vogel: bass, Jesse Dayton: shaker and tambourine, Patrick Herzfeld: shaker and tambourine

Eric Johanson – The Deep And The Dirty was produced by Jesse Dayton on the Ruf Records label. Eric Johanson shows off his songwriting chops writing 5 of the 12 songs on the release and co-writing the other 7 with Jesse Dayton. Born in Louisiana, he started playing guitar at the age of 5. He honed his craft in New Zealand and New Orleans and brings diversity and energy that explodes across each of the songs on this release.

Recorded together in the studio, Eric writes of that experience by stating, "When you’re playing this kind of music together, you create moments that can’t be replicated if you’re recording each part separately. I don’t write my guitar solos beforehand, and I don’t record them separately, either. I need to interact with the band in order to take the solo somewhere special, and that’s why it’s important for us to record live. Even if there’s a mistake or two, it feels like an honest representation of the moment."

The Deep And The Dirty opens with the Eric Johanson track Don’t Hold Back, which is exactly what Eric does not do, with its unique music intro that lays the path for how this song will progress. Next up is the title track, The Deep And The Dirty, which Eric also penned and features Terrence Higgins’ laying a great drum opening that leads into catchy lyrics and instrumentals that make this track a standout.

The release continues with another Eric Johanson song, Beyond The Sky, which slows the pace and is pure Blues at its finest. Eric Johanson and Jesse Dayton collaborate on the track, Undertow, which picks up the pace with its pounding drum opening that leads into Eric’s guitar before sliding into the driving lyrics. Just Like New is another Eric and Jesse collaboration that slows the pace and has some excellent guitar picking on this one.

Next on the playlist is Elysian Fields that takes Blues on a musical journey that is just so catchy that you will want to replay many times to capture all the nuances. The release continues with Galaxy Girl, also a collaboration, that picks up the pace with its drum, bass, and guitar intro that rocks before jolting into the lyrics, "She’s my galaxy girl…" and is downright fabulous.

Familiar Sound is in the number 8 spot in the playlist, and takes the listener to the South with its Southern Blues Rock intro and lyrics that implore "I crossed the ocean, tried to lay my troubles down…" Next up is the Eric Johanson song, Gets Me High, another excellent cut on the release. Eric and Jesse collaborate on Stepping Stone, which has a great, long instrumental intro before sliding into the lyrics, followed by a powerful rock beat and guitar solo that works so well on this track. "I’ll never give up; I’ll never give in… I’ll work my fingers to the bone…"

Coming into the home stretch of the release, Eric gives the listener one more superb song he wrote, Borrowed Time, about "living on borrowed time … but still I pay for my crime…", then closes out the release with another great collaboration with Jesse Dayton, entitled, She Is The Song, which slows the pace and gently brings the listener back down after a musical high. Eric Johanson – The Deep And The Dirty is destined to become a Blues Rock favorite.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

For more information on Ruf Records please visit the website: www.rufrecords.com

Websites where you can procure Eric Johanson – The Deep And The DirtyAmazon, Eric Johanson, and Ruf Records.

For more information on Eric Johanson or his upcoming tour calendar, please visit: www.ericjohanson.com

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