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Chris Bergson Band Live at Jazz Standard

by Debra C. Argen
Chris Bergson Band - Live At Jazz Standard
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Blues singer, songwriter, guitarist Chris Bergson hits it out of the ball park with his latest release, Chris Bergson Band Live at Jazz Standard. The 15-track album is Chris Bergson at his best and includes new music as well as a few choice cuts off of old favorites from previous releases, Imitate the Sun, Fall Changes, and Another Day. The great vibe of being recorded live over 2-nights at the intimate Jazz Standard club in New York, along with the exceptional material, and talented players on the release, makes for a winning combination.


Chris Bergson Band Live at Jazz Standard: Greyhound Station, Mr. Jackson, The Only One, Heavenly Grass, High Above the Morning, 61st & 1st, Bluemner, Chloe’s Song, Corinna, Baby, I Love You, Just Before the Storm, Sometimes It’s You, Christmastime in Bethlehem, The Bungler, Gowanus Heights  

Chris Bergson Band Live at Jazz Standard Personnel: Chris Bergson: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, Craig Dreyer: organ and Wurlitzer, Matt Clohesy: bass, Tony Leone: drums and backing vocals, Special Guests: Ellis Hooks: vocals, Ian Hendrickson-Smith: baritone sax, Freddie Hendrix: trumpet, David Luther: tenor sax. Horns arranged by Jay Collins with the exception of Corinna arranged by Ian Hendrickson-Smith. 

Chris Bergson Band Live at Jazz Standard was produced by Chris Bergson and Roman Klun on the 2 Shirts Record label. 

The release opens front and center with the knockout song, Greyhound Station, off the Another Day release (2005). What makes it great is Chris’ virtuoso on the guitar, commanding deep vocals meant to sing the blues, and his prowess at writing storytelling lyrics, “Waiting at the Greyhound Station in some strange town, the man sitting next to me, leathered and weathered brown, he’s spent the last five years living in his jeans…” 

Next in the line-up is the song, Mr. Jackson, off his Imitate the Sun album (2011), then Chris segues into new music with the song, The Only One. Chris switches to an acoustic guitar for Heavenly Grass, and then revisits the Another Day release, playing the cut, High Above the Morning. Along the way, he plays more new songs, 61st & 1st (2014), Bluemner (2014), and Chloe’s Song (2014), followed by the traditional Blues song, Corinna. 

Other great songs on the release include Baby, I Love You, Just Before the Storm (2014), Sometimes It’s You (2014), and Christmastime in Bethlehem (2014). The release closes with two cuts off the Fall Changes release (2008), The Bungler, and Gowanus Heights, coming full circle deftly meshing the old with the new. 

Whether you are a longtime Chris Bergson fan, or new to encounter this dynamo musician, singer, songwriter, you are in for a real treat with the release Chris Bergson Band Live at Jazz Standard. Along with the smoking guitar of Chris Bergson, adding to the mix is the talents of Craig Dreyer, Matt Clohesy, and Tony Leone, with special guests Ellis Hooks, Ian Hendrickson-Smith, Freddie Hendrix, and David Luther, layering in vocals and horns, and playing as a tight, cohesive unit that cooks from the opening track of Greyhound Station to last track of Gowanus Heights

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