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Alastair Greene – Live From The 805

by Debra C. Argen
Alastair Greene - Live From The 805
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Listen up Alastair Greene fans! I just listened to the new Alastair Greene Live From The 805, a 2-Disc, 20-track album that is going to rock your Southern Blues Rock world; it did mine. Released on the Rip Cat Records label, Alastair Greene proves his mettle as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, along and his band mates, Jim Rankin on bass and Austin Beede on drums. Recorded live in Santa Barbara, California in front of a sold-out show, the 94:30-minute release has great energy and drive.


Alastair Greene – Live From The 805

Disc 1: The Sweetest Honey, Big Bad Wolf, Trouble At Your Door, 3 Bullets, Red Wine Woman, Say What You Want, Love So Strong, Down To Memphis, Lawdy Mama, Lucky 13

Disc 2: Dream Train, Back Where I Belong, T’other Way, Last Train Around The Sun, Love You So Bad, Rain Stomp, Big Boss Man, First Born Son, Shoe On The Other Foot, Walking In Circles

Personnel: Alastair Greene – guitar and vocals, Jim Rankin – bass and backing vocals, Austin Beede – drums. Special Guest: Chris Chalk – vocals on Disc 2, track First Born Son

Alastair Greene – Live From The 805 was produced by Alastair Greene and Sean McCue the Rip Cat Records label.

For his latest album, Alastair Greene deftly blended in a few songs off his previous release, Dream Train (Dream Train, Big Bad Wolf, Rain Stomp, DownTo Memphis, and Lucky 13), with other great songs he wrote spanning his 20-year career and added a few covers to create a 20-track release that is worthy of several listens and a place of honor in your collection.

Live From The 805 Disc 1 has10-tracks of greatness and opens with The Sweetest Honey, which is a winner with Alastair’s storytelling lyrics and impossibly wonderful guitar passages. Next up is Big Bad Wolf, which I loved on the Alastair Greene – Dream Train release, and, with the live audience energy, was even better in the live version. The band segues into Trouble At Your Door a punchy Blues Rock number off his 2014 release by the same name, and then slides into three back-to-back downright catchy songs with 3 Bullets, Red Wine Woman, and Say What You Want.

Alastair turns over the songwriting duties to Bluesman Albert King (1923-1992) on Love So Strong, which Albert first released in 1962. The release continues with Down To Memphis, another great cut off the Dream Train release, and is simply fabulous.

Next in the line-up is the wonderful Lawdy Mama written by veteran Blues harmonicist Amos Wells Blakemore, Jr. (aka Junior Wells, 1934-1998). Disc 1 closes out with Lucky13.

Disc 2 opens with Dream Train, the title track from his 2017 release that kicks it up into high gear, followed by Back Where I Belong that smacks with Alastair’s guitar mastery with well-chosen riffs to get the track started complemented by great lyrics.

Drummer Austin Beede sets the pace on T’other Way to open this laid-back, easy track. Next up is Last Train Around The Sun, a down and Funky Blues number with winding guitars, followed by Love You So Bad, and Rain Stomp.

There lease continues with another great song from 1960 with Big Boss Man written by Jimmy Reed (Mathis James Reed 1925-1976), followed by one of Alastair’s own songs, First Born Son, where Chris Chalk adds his vocals to this fast-paced winner. Shoe On The Other Foot written by Gwendolyn Collins and Hugh Williams, and Walking In Circles written by Alastair Greene close out Disc 2.

Recorded in his hometown of Santa Barbara, California, Alastair Greene – Live From The 805 could easily be called "Love" From The 805 with the energy and love that poured forth from the band as well as the audience.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

For information on Alastair Greene and upcoming tour dates, please visit the website: www.AlastairGreene.com

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Watch the Alastair Greene – Down To Memphis LIVE 2018 Official Music Video: http://agsongs.com/videos/

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