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11 Guys Quartet: Small Blues and Grooves

by Debra C. Argen
11 Guys Quartet: Small Blues and Grooves
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Instrumental Blues fans are going to love the 14-track album, 11 Guys Quartet: Small Blues and Grooves, released on the Vizz Tone label group. Longtime friends and musicians, Paul Lenart on guitar, Bill "Coach" Mather on bass, Chuck Purro on drums, and Richard Rosenblatt on harmonica make up the 11 Guys Quartet and they wrote all of the original music, so sit back and settle in for a listen of 11 Guys Quartet: Small Blues and Grooves. The release hit the streets in late January 2020.


11 Guys Quartet: Small Blues and Grooves

11 Guys Quartet: Small Blues and Grooves: Road Trippin’, Jackrabbit, Sweet Taste. Doggin’ It, Sleepless, East Cambridge Cannonball, Speakeasy Serenade, Four Maypops, Down and Dirty, Swing Low, Hey Daddyo, Midnight Streetcar, Rhumba Boogaloo, Swamp Ride

11 Guys Quartet: Small Blues and Grooves Personnel: Paul Lenart: guitar, Bill "Coach" Mather: bass, Chuck Purro: drums, Richard Rosenblatt: harmonica

11 Guys Quartet: Small Blues and Grooves was produced by the 11 Guys Quartet, recorded by Richard Rosenblatt and released on the VizzTone label group.

Road Trippin’ opens the14-track release with great style and panache with a kicking drum intro from Chuck Purro that leads the way into some all-around great harmonica forward blues with Richard Rosenblatt wailing away. Paul Lenart adds some fabulous guitar licks and Bill "Coach" Mather layers in his bass.

Next up, the band has some rollicking good country fun on the song, Jackrabbit. The band slides into a slower pace and into a comfortable groove on Sweet Taste, followed by Doggin’ It, which continues the cool blues tone. Bill "Coach" Mather’s bass puts the slow and sultry in the next song, Sleepless.

The band picks up the pace on East Cambridge Cannonball, which has the band cooking on all 4 burners and is a listening delight. Chuck Purro leads off Speakeasy Serenade with his drum roll entry that paves the way for coolness.

Four Maypops keeps the up-tempo driving pace with great harmonica rhythms from Richard Rosenblatt. The release continues with Down and Dirty, which is just as the name implies, fabulous! Chuck Purro brushes the drums on Swing Low accented by a little punchy harmonica from Richard Rosenblatt, with Paul Lenart and Bill "Coach" Mather layering in guitar and bass. Hey Daddyo, picks up the country-flavored pace followed by the take it slow and sultry Midnight Streetcar.

Rhumba Boogaloo picks up the pace again, and the release closes with the song Swamp Ride, and what a ride 11 Guys Quartet: Small Blues and Grooves has been. Hit the play button again for a repeat of this fabulous instrumental blues ride of a release.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

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