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MarieBelle New York Ganache Collection
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Chocolate is one of life’s delectable sweet little pleasures, and New York-based Chocolatier Maribel Lieberman owner of MarieBelle New York shares her passion with her luxurious chocolate offerings. Whether your chocolate preference is dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate, MarieBelle New York has the perfect chocolate to appeal to diverse palates. We loved sampling our way through the tasty offerings.


MarieBelle New York Ganache Collection (16-piece)

Money may not grow on trees, but chocolate does! Well, not chocolate per se, but rather cacao. Several years ago, we visited the northeast of Brazil and had the opportunity to see how cacao grows. Planted under the rainforest canopy, it was almost hard to believe that this ribbed, football-shaped fruit would have the beginnings of chocolate growing inside it. When cacao is ripe, the skin of the fruit turns a deep yellow. When you cut the cacao fruit open, you will find a white pulp that is used to make juice, which incidentally tastes nothing like chocolate, as well as beans. Once the beans are removed, they are dried and processed into a powder, which is used in the creation of chocolate. Interesting to note about cacao, is that the Aztecs used cacao beans in rituals dating back 2,000 years. The French were drinking hot chocolate by the mid-1600s, and the Swiss made the first milk chocolate in 1876.

It all starts with the bean however all cacao beans are not the same. Just as the type of beans used for coffee elicit different levels of quality and flavor, the same is also true for cacao beans. Chocolatier Maribel Lieberman, owner of MarieBelle New York, uses only the rare and highly prized, Criollo cacao beans from around the world to create her luxurious chocolates, and notes that, "Criollo cacao makes up less than 10% of worldwide chocolate production." As such, chocolate afficionados will especially appreciate the care and quality of the ingredients that go into the making of her artisanal technique MarieBelle New York chocolates.

Maribel Lieberman
Maribel Lieberman

A native of Honduras, Maribel Lieberman showed an entrepreneurial spirit as well as a sweet tooth as a precocious 8-year old creating sweets and selling them to neighborhood children. Her passion for fashion took her to New York to the prestigious Parsons School of Design. Torn between fashion and cuisine, she followed her heart and opened a gourmet catering company which she ran for five years, before venturing back to her sweet roots and longtime passion for chocolate. She opened her first chocolate shop in New York in 2000, and the rest as they say, is sweet history.

Maribel is passionate in her belief, "Life is all about pleasure and happiness we find in food, art and beauty." Chocolate lovers, affectionately referred to as "chocoholics," of which we are proud to be a part of, have their own preferences when it comes to chocolate: dark, milk, or white. Our family is divided when it comes to our chocolate preferences, Edward prefers dark chocolate, Debra will eat dark or milk chocolate, Debra’s sister Joanne prefers white chocolate, and Victoria, Debra’s mother will only eat milk chocolate with nuts.

Cacao Market by MarieBelle - Single Origin Bean-to-Bar Dark Chcoolate
Cocao Market by MarieBelle – Single Origin Bean to Bar
70% Chocolate Honduran Cacao

Fortunately, MarieBelle New York has a delectable line of luxury chocolate products to appeal to diverse chocolate palates including hot chocolate, ganache, caramels, bars, beautiful boxes of chocolates, brownies, cakes, chocolate covered nuts, host and hostess sets, gift sets, corporate gifts, and so much more. Walking into her shop, or browsing her website, is like finding a delicious treasure trove of tempting goodies.

As our name, Luxury Experience, implies, our focus is on luxury and we experience everything featured in our dedication to "Bringing the Experience of Luxury to You." In late June 2020, we indulged our taste buds and sampled the 16-piece MarieBelle New York Ganache Collection ($50, 16-pieces), which arrived in an attractive blue box tied with their signature brown ribbon. The collection featured delectable, individually wrapped chocolates proudly bearing iconic symbols of New York. Perfect as a gift for your favorite New Yorker or as a tasty souvenir of your visit to the "Big Apple," the 16-piece assortment was a lovely mélange of flavors which included milk chocolate, dark chocolate, espresso, caramel salt, passion fruit, pistachio, and more.

Farm-to-Bar Rose Petals and Hibiscus and White Chocolate Bar - MarieBelle
Farm-to-Bar Rose Petals and Hibiscus and White Chocolate Bar

We also sampled one of the chocolate bars from the Cacao Market by MarieBelle collection, a tasty confection called Farm-to-Bar Rose Petals and Hibiscus and White Chocolate Bar ($12, 2.8 oz/80 grams), that will delight lovers of white chocolate. A pretty confection of white chocolate with a stunning pink pattern and dried rose and hibiscus, the bar was as attractive as it was delicious.

As a lover of dark chocolate, Edward was over the moon with Running Espresso Honduran Trinitario 70% Cacao Chocolate Bar ($9, 2.82 oz/80 grams), as well as with another tempting dark chocolate offering in the Cacao Market by MarieBelle, the Single Origin, Bean-To-Bar, made with 70% Dark Chocolate Honduran Cacao ($5, 1.41 oz/40 grams). Which type was our favorite? We are still deciding while savoring the delectable chocolates. This may require a few more tastings … mmm.

Running Espresso Honduran Trinitario Cacao Chocolate Bar - MarieBelle
Running Espresso Honduran Trinitario 70% Cacao Chocolate Bar

Whether you are looking for a perfect gift for your favorite chocoholic or for yourself, MarieBelle New York has something to suit. Although perfect for special occasions and holidays, why wait? Celebrate life everyday with small indulgences, you deserve it!

As an added plus, MarieBelle Chocolates are Kosher Certified by National Kosher Supervision. Their kashrus certification extends to all retail stores, products available online through their website and corporate gifts. Please visit the website for additional Kosher Certification information: www.Mariebelle.com/our-kosher-certification/

To learn more about MarieBelle Chocolates and to purchase their exceptional products please visit their website: www.mariebelle.com or telephone them at: +1-646-763-2196

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