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Postcards from Rutgers Gardens, North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

gazebo at Rutgers Gardens - Edward F. Nesta - photo by Luxury Experience
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Allium and a Bee - Rutgers Gardens - Photo by Luxury Experience

New Jersey is nicknamed the Garden State, so on a beautiful summer Sunday morning, we drove to Rutgers Gardens in North Brunswick, New Jersey to explore the beauty of their gardens. Part of Rutgers University, Rutgers Gardens is a sensational botanical garden that has delighted visitors for over 100 years and was the perfect place to stroll and spend a few hours soaking up nature. After "sheltering in place" for several months due to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, we were more than ready to get out in nature while maintaining social distancing, and the 180-acre Rutgers Gardens was the perfect place for a morning of exploration.

Like the rest of the United States, we had spent the past several months "sheltering-in-place" at home due to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, and by mid-June 2020 we were more than ready to stretch our legs and take in nature’s beauty in a space where we could maintain social distancing yet experience nature. On a warm and sunny blue-sky Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, 2020, we drove 90-minutes from our home in Connecticut to North Brunswick, New Jersey to experience the beauty of Mother Nature and the splendor of Rutgers Gardens. Part of Rutgers University, the gardens are open year-round and have a variety of gardens to entice the eye and soothe the spirit. There are also lovely hiking trails to meander and soak up nature and solitude.

Allium - Rutgers Gardens - photo by Luxury Experience
Allilum (with a visiting bee)

skeleton Allium -Rutgers Gardens - photo by Luxury Experience
Skeleton Allium

We spent an enjoyable morning at the Rutgers Gardens and began our visit by exploring the Donald B. Lacey Display Garden where there were many highlights including the diverse collection of allium which we love for their beautiful purple flowers that form spheres of color in season, and once their blooms are spent, they are still interesting to look at with their architectural "skeletal" shapes that remind us of fireworks displays. Allium, whose Latin name means "cultivated garlic" belong to the genus of cultivated garlic, scallion, chives, and many others, and range in size from dainty (i.e. chive flowers) to giant allium varieties, all whose spheres balance on long, graceful, slender stems. There were several varieties in the garden and we thoroughly enjoyed experiencing some of them which were "in-bloom" and others "post-bloom."

water Lilly - Rutgers Gardens - photo by Luxury Experience

frog in Lilly Pond - Rutgers Gardens - photo by Luxury Experience

There was also a lovely aquatic garden with white and purple water lilies made especially interesting by a frog whom we enjoyed watching swim to and fro’ among the lily pads. Interesting to note about water lilies is that the flowers open in the morning and close in the evening, and the blooms can last from 3-5 days.

Bench in Rutgers Gardens - photo by Luxury Experience

Also interesting was their Art Randolph Sun and Shade Garden with its attractive Gazebo and visually stunning plants. The gardens were visual eye candy everywhere we looked; a wood bench nestled amidst a cloud of white flowers beckoned invitingly and large blue and green chairs added whimsey to another garden. There were a variety of gorgeous hydrangeas including white paniculata hydrangea, whose flowers grow into large conical shapes.

Paniculata Hydrangea - Rutgers Gardens - photo by Luxury Experience
Paniculata Hydrangea

The gardens are perfect to visit in every season whether there are flowers are in bloom or not, as the Roy H. DeBoer Evergreen Garden features an amazing collection of evergreens, and the Holly Collection is also interesting in any season, although we imagine they would be especially splendid to experience in winter when they have a sprinkling of pristine snow dusting their green leaves and bright red or orange berries.

Everygreen Gardens - Rutgers Gardens - photo by Luxury Experience
Evergreen Garden

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Rutgers Gardens and look forward to visiting again in different seasons to experience its exquisite beauty. Rutgers Gardens are located 30 miles from Newark, 35 miles from New York City, and 60 miles from Philadelphia, making it a desirable day trip. The gardens are open year-round from Saturday through Thursday from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm. The Gardens are closed on Fridays. Entrance and parking are free. While you can stroll the gardens on your own, they also offer 1-hour garden tours. Tours must be arranged in advance. There is a fee for the docent-led tour.

Debra C. Argen at Rutgers Gardens - photo by Luxury Experience

We sign our postcard from Rutgers Gardens, With Love from Luxury Experience! Come and enjoy Rutgers Gardens and nature at its finest.

Rutgers Gardens - photo by Luxury Experience

Until next time, keep enjoying travel with Luxury Experience!

For more information on visiting Rutgers Gardens, please visit their website: www.rutgersgardens.rutgers.edu

Rutgers Gardens, North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Garden GPS Address

Rutgers Gardens
130 Log Cabin Road
North Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-8525
United States

Mailing Address

Rutgers Gardens
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
112 Log Cabin Road
North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902
Telephone: +1-732-932-8451
Email: rugardens@sebs.rutgers.edu
Website: www.rutgersgardens.rutgers.edu

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