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by Edward F. Nesta
Client Testimonials
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Dear Luxury Experience,

Thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful review of my album!! The music scene really needs generous people like you to write about unknown artists like me, and it’s so refreshing that Luxury Experience really takes it to heart.

Thanks again!
Alice Evans
Singer // Songwriter // Musician

Dear Edward: 

You gave me a very nice review some time ago when my disc “Gordon Johnson GJ4” came out, which I still appreciate so much!

Meanwhile, I got your newsletter and checked out the article about Stanley’s new acoustic trio disc (The Stanley Clarke Trio – Jazz In The Garden). So glad to hear about it and know he did a new disc on upright bass! It’s a real departure and I’m downloading it right now.

Gordon Johnson
Jazz Bassist

Dear Edward, 

Thanks so much for your kind words about my latest CD, “Mr. Sun.” It is reassuring to know there are people out there that are getting it!!

I loved making this record more than any other, so it is a joy to me when it connects with the listener……..thanks again…..

Jude Johnstone
Singer // Songwriter // Musician

As Jude Johnstone’s manager I am constantly promoting her music. It is an especially difficult task getting exposure for an independent artist like Jude, but Luxury Experience has been very receptive to hearing and reviewing her music.

One can tell Edward takes the time to really digest the music.  He understands the emotions and passions that goes into the writing and recording of each song and truly feels the music. This is rare in today’s climate of instant gratification and celebrity. He appreciates real artists and is willing to say so. Thanks Edward for the support.

Bob Burton
Management // Public Relations
Burton Entertainment
Record Company

“Dear Edward,

I especially wanted to thank you the excellent article. The response has been unbelievable. ”

Producer / Composer / Trumpetier
Stanley Abernathy
Stanley Abernathy MySpace Music   

“Dear Edward,

I would like to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the great review that you did on my new CD “The Jazz Life”. As an independent jazz musician/record label owner it is sometimes hard to get people with publications as prestigious as yours to give us a listen. You have been so gracious and shown so much support that is simply overwhelming. Thank you and Luxury Experience  again.”

Peace & Blessings,
Bradford Hayes

“Luxury Experience  is fantastic; the best source for reading and finding out about new music, for giving you many options with your traveling needs/ restaurants, spas, hotels and really just about anything and everything . . . In this day and age of information, we need to have a website  that will offer interesting and important knowledge, available us at in an instant! Luxury Experience  is the place to get it!

Luxury Experience rocks!!”

Jimmy Haslip
producer // composer // bassist
yellowjackets // jing chi //structure
United States


“Dear Edward!

The review was truly beautifully written!! 

Thank you so much 🙂

singer // songwriter // musician

“Dear Edward and Luxury Experience,

Thank you for the great article on MacTalla Mor Band.

Your insightful and in-depth review has already garnered many calls and emails from MtM’s friends and fans across the country and around the world.

Luxury Experience is truly top shelf, a rare treat for the eye as well as the mind.

Thanks again!”

Harry, Patty, Erik, Jesse, Ilana and Levon
MacTalla Mor Band

“Hi Edward and Luxury Experience:


Your review of my work in [the jimi project] has touched me deeply.

Jimi Hendrix has been an international icon for so long I feel that it is impossible not only to be affected by his great body of work as a guitarist, but also as a great songwriter.

The ‘tone’ of your review was so respectful not only to me, but especially to the artistry of Jimi and what I attempted to portray – thank you!

You should also know how much I appreciate your care and reverence in not only hearing what was done with [the jimi project], but your awareness of the essence of Jimi’s spirit that guided me from it’s very inception.

I am honored and humbled that you expressed so much.

Your review is insightful and adventurous, and truly, the spirit of your website is in the forefront, the real vanguard of all types of discovery…you – ARE the CURVE – Bravo!”

Phil Brown
singer // songwriter // guitarist // apaches from paris producer, engineer // recording artist
[the jimi project] and Cruel Inventions

“Dear Debra,

Just a quick note of thanks for all of the kind words you have given the Yellowjackets in Luxury Experience. Your article on the group has really helped us reach a consumer we don’t ordinarily reach in our “jazz world”. This has really opened the group up to host of new fans from around the world.

We thank you and look forward to seeing you this year in London…….(again)!”

Jeff Neben
Axis Artist Management, Inc.
Northridge, CA
United States

“Dear Debra,

Just a quick note of thanks for all of the kind words you have given the Yellowjackets in Luxury Experience. Your article on the group has really helped us reach a consumer we don’t ordinarily reach in our “jazz world”. This has really opened the group up to host of new fans from around the world.

We thank you and look forward to seeing you this year in London…….(again)!”

Jeff Neben
Axis Artist Management, Inc.
Northridge, CA
United States

“Dear Debra:

“Many thanks for including our artists throughout your regular music coverage in Luxury Experience! You’re enabling us to reach a new and exciting audience for our clients, as well as providing your readers with insight about up and coming artists before any of the so-called “mainstream” publications do so. It’s like having a good friend turn you on to good music you should hear. I personally also like to read all the stories about travel, dining, wine and other lifestyle features in Luxury Experience. It’s a one-stop shop for all things cool!”

Mark Pucci
President, Mark Pucci Media
Atlanta, GA
United States


“Thanks SO much for the great reviews! What a wonderful surprise. We were thrilled to have both of our CDs featured and were very pleased with Edward’s comments and insights. It was such a pleasure to read reviews written by someone with his breadth of experience and insight. We were also quite interested to read your article about Cyntia M. and appreciated very much your comments as well.”

Judy Handler
United States


“Thanks so much to all at Luxury Experience for the excellent and informative piece on our CD’s. The tone and style of coverage are exactly the right type of high quality niche marketing to which we aim. Your mention and placement of Splash Point Records in Luxury Experience  conveys exactly the image we were looking for.”

Neal Richardson (Piano/Vocalist; Producer)
Seaford, East Sussex
United Kingdom


“Dear Ed & Debra,

Sincere thanks for spotlighting Dave’s True Story in the music section of Luxury Experience. It was great to meet you and to hang out with you at the club. That extra personal touch was evident in the coverage and we really appreciate that. We love looking at Luxury Experience and discovering the new, interesting, and of course, luxurious things you discover, experience and write about.” 

Kelly Flint, Dave Cantor & Jeff Eyrich
Dave’s True Story HQ
United States


“Luxury Experience values music like few publications out there. They’ve got keen ears and excellent taste. They are covering great music that their readers otherwise might not hear about in the mainstream media!”

Kevin Calabro
HYENA Records
Brooklyn, NY
United States

“Thank you, Edward Nesta and Luxury Experience, for your insightful and poetic review of Bistro Blue. I received many e-mails full of compliments and good wishes. Je vous remercie du fond de mon coeur!”

Cyntia M.
Jazz Vocalist
United States

“Dear Ed and Debra,

Thank you so much for choosing to feature the Chris Bergson Band in LUXURY EXPERIENCE.  It was great to meet both of you in person and I really appreciated you taking the time to come and hear my band live.

Your excellent feature interview and most insightful CD review have helped to expose my music to a whole new audience.  I really enjoyed reading the interviews and profiles of the other bands featured in the Music section and I was thrilled and felt honored to find myself in such good company.  You and Ed are truly amazing in your unique ability to keep one ear to the ground and find interesting artists that haven’t necessarily been covered in the mainstream media.  Thanks again for helping to spread the word about my music.  Keep up all the great work!”

All the best,
Chris Bergson


“Dear Ed & Debra,

Throughout my thirty five years as a song writer, musician, producer and performer, many of persons have written about me globally.

However at this time I must proclaim, the article and review featured in your March 2006 edition of “Luxury Experience” about me and my music is by far, the most profound condensed version ever. I couldn’t have done it better myself.  

The both of you are committed to your passion. Your love for the same is lavishly reflected in your works. The poetry with heart award is yours. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be graced by you gifts, will definitely feel, see and comprehend the same.

So say’s Stone McEwan.”

Gladstone “Stone” McEwan
Marsh Harbour Abaco Bahamas

Email: stonemcewan@yahoo.com  

“Jump4Joy ran into Edward F. Nesta of Luxury Experience  during a delirious gig at Stampen – our home base in Stockholm. You meet people all the time that say they do this and that and write about stuff and you give away cd’s thinking – yeah right…and every once in a while somebody follows through with ambition, professionalism and soul, like Luxury Experience did for us. I like people with a passion. They sure seem to fit the bill. Support them if you are into Luxury Experiences – they will spread the gospel!”  

Ulf Sandström
Artist – photographer

“I would also like to thank very much Edward F. Nesta for really taking his time in listening to my Cd and writing such a heartfelt article…….the best article I have read up until now. I feel as if Mr. Nesta has really understood what I have been trying to do with this project! Many thanks to him, it really makes a difference and makes me feel so positive after such great words, thanks!”

All good wishes, 

Tommaso Starace

“Dear Debra and Edward,

Thank you so much for your beautiful articles, your kindness and support. These articles will be very helpful to further our work. We feel very blessed to have met you both and we want you to know how much we appreciate you.

Thank you again.”

Yashmin Charnet-Abler and Paul Abler
Bossa Nova Music


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