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by Edward F. Nesta
Client Testimonials
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“I highly value accessing information immediately online. In a fast paced city like New York where time is of the essence, it is a pleasure to be able to access a vast network of worldwide information at a touch of a finger. Luxury Experience  provides this fantastic full service experience. I recommend this wonderful website to all those who’s time is precious. Luxury Experience  is an excellent source of information!”

Angelo Lambrou
Fashion Designer
New York, New York
United States

“The articles on H.Stern are very appropriate. In a concise way, they provide the readers an adequate idea of the philosophy of our brand: quality, fashion and innovation. In addition, Luxury Experience is a great resource for travelers worldwide, as their in-depth articles are very informational.”

Wishing you and Mr. Nesta great success in your new endeavor.

Sincerely yours,

Hans Stern
President and Founder H. Stern Jewelers
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Debra Argen, representing the Luxury Experience, came to the Freewill Vintage Fashion Show, which promotes an innovative approach to fashion and lifestyle, and gave us wonderful and extensive coverage.  This demonstrates a true sign of courage, open-mindedness, and professionalism.  I am impressed also by her getting the core message of the show–individual style.

Luxury and innovation are not contradictory.  They actually go hand-in-hand.  Because luxury is not just a state of physical well-being but it should also include a state of meta-physical well-being–spiritual and mental.

For this reason I thank Debra for her wonderful work and would like to wish Luxury Experience prosperity so that it continues to represent and pursue luxury in both senses.”

Monkey Queen
Founder and President, Freewill Fashions.com



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