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Arts and Antiques Testimonials

by Edward F. Nesta
Client Testimonails
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“Dear Debra,

Thank you very much for your interest and article about my art. What a nice article. It was great!!! I liked it very much. I will use it on my website and in all of my media correspondence.

Have a great day. Thank you for everything.”

Gulay Alpay
Istanbul, Turkey

“Danka and I are very pleased with your articles…and personally I love them because you create the feeling of the places you have been, and since I was there too, I can really appreciate what you wrote. The articles give a very sweet sense of calm but at the same time your words gave me the feeling of something special. If I was not living in Turin or knew Saint Paul, I really should like to go there and visit!! You did a great job Debra, and Ed, too.”

Guido Borelli
Turin, Italy

“I like the article very much!!! I am sending you virtual flowers of my painting and a big thank you! Grazie di tutto, mi e piaciuto moltissimo.”

Danka Weitzen
Turin, Italy

“Congratulations to Luxury Experience  for its beautifully written and photographed coverage of our Greenwich Concours d’Elegance classic car show’s Tenth Anniversary celebration on the waterfront in Greenwich on June 4 & 5. Your visually descriptive details brought to life all the excitement that took place on the field and made us relive two happy days. Thank you very much. We wish you much success and look forward to seeing you again on June 3-4, 2006.”

Thanks again,

Genia & Bruce Wennerstrom
Founders and Co-Chairs
Greenwich Concours d’Elgance
Greenwich, CT
United States

“Having had a chance to meet and talk with the editors of Luxury Experience, I know that they are wonderful people, truly dedicated to finding the very best in Luxury Travel experiences the world over. They are fully committed to the idea of ‘experience-based journalism’ – not content with just soliciting reporters to write about various places: they go there, and do it themselves! They go to the country, visit the venue, meet the people, see the sights, smell the cooking, drink the wine, check out all of the adventures, and do everything there is to do.

Their article on our company, Broadway Sings’, performance in Berlin, Germany truly captured the essence of who we are – an unmatched level of talent and sophistication that brings the exciting pulse of Broadway to audiences around the world. Thank you so much!”

Lisa Capps & Charles Bergell
Founders, Broadway Sings
New York, New York USA

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