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Rachael Sage - Choreographic PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Rachael Sage - ChoreographicRachael Sage, the multi-talented American Pop Rock singer, songwriter, and musician has a brand-new release Choreographic, released on her Indy label, MPress Records. The 13-track release proves that 13 is a lucky number as the release is as sparkling as her lovely voice. An "artist's artist" in addition to being a singer, songwriter, and musician, Rachael is also an artist, graphic designer, dancer, actor, and choreographer, when actors are thought to be a "triple threat" if they can act, sing, and dance, Rachael Sage's creativity and ability explodes off the charts.


Rachael Sage - Choregraphic


Rachael Sage - Choreographic   


Rachael Sage - Choreographic: Heaven (Is A Grocery Clerk), Loreen, Try Try Try, Home (Where I Am Now), I Don't Believe It, French Doors, Clear Today, I've Been Waiting, Learn To Let You Go, Five Alarms, 7 Angels, It Would Be Enough, Home (Acoustic)  

Personnel: The Sequins: Rachael Sage: vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Wurlitzer, mellotron, Ward Williams: cello, Kelly Halloran: violin, background vocals, Andy Mac: drums, percussion, background vocals  

Featuring: Doug Yowel: drums, percussion, Mike Visceglia: electric bass, James Mastro: electric and acoustic guitars, Jack Petruzelli: electric and nylon string guitars, Peter Adams: accordion, Hammond organ, glockenspiel, Rhodes, Dave Egger: cello, Rachel Golub: violin, Marianne Osiel: flute, oboe, English horn, Russ Johnson: trumpet. Ian Callahan: hand claps, Janae Cuellar: background vocals  

Special Guests: Matt Nakoa: vocals, Lyris Hung: violin, Peter Himmelman

Rachael Sage - Choreographic was produced by Rachael Sage and Andy Zulla and released on the MPressRecords label. Rachael Sage wrote 11 of the songs on the release, and co-wrote Home with Fiona Hart; JP Hoe wrote Learn To Let You Go.  

The 13-track release opens with the song, Heaven (Is A Grocery Clerk), an upbeat, piano driven song that duly complements Rachael's voice and the opening lyrics of "Gimme something to dream about, ... oh give me, Something to laugh about ..." that sets the stage so to speak to let the audience know to sit up and listen closely to the inspired lyrics.  

Next in the line-up is the song, Loreen, followed by the catchy song, Try Try Try. Musically speaking, Rachael hit it out of the ballpark with this song as it reached the number 6 position on the AC Top 40 Radio Chart. Extremely well done, Rachael layers in instrumentals like a chef adds the right amount of spices.  

Rachael slows the pace with Home (Where I Am Now), which is about the ability to lose yourself or create a new self in a new city, with the city in question being New York City, where so many people go for the same reason.

I Don't Believe It opens with a "scat-like" pop opening and picks up the pace with beautiful instrumentals throughout to complement Rachael's voice and lyrics, then segues into the slow and lovely, French Doors, which is fabulous and makes the most of the impressive horns that lend another "voice" to this song. Clear Today has a long instrumental opening that segues into lyrics about the decision to leave someone you care about.  

Rachael continues with the song, I've Been Waiting, which has an almost 60's psychedelic instrumental feel of an opening that drives the song, then slows the pace with the next songs, Learn To Let You Go, followed by Five Alarms, 7 Angels, and It Would Be Enough.  

The release closes with Home (Acoustic) featuring Matt Nakoa who lends his vocals to Rachael's for a fabulous finish. It is interesting to listen and compare the two versions of Home, track 3 and the acoustic version, both of which are well done.  

We had the pleasure of experiencing Rachael Sage perform at The Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, Connecticut in February 2017 when she was supporting Blues Rocker Beth Hart, where she played some cuts off Choreographic. After listening to the release and experiencing Rachael Sage perform live, we can readily assure you that she is act that you do not want to miss.  

Read the concert review in the Performances section of Luxury Experience.  

Keep enjoying the music!  

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Websites where you can procure Rachael Sage - Choreography: MPress Records Store, Amazon and iTunes.  

© March 2017.  Luxury Experience.  All rights reserved.

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