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John Lake: Seven Angels PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   
John Lake - Seven Angels
New York Jazz trumpeter John Lake has a fabulous new 11- track instrumental Jazz release entitled, Seven Angels, that hits the street on June 26, 2020. I got my hands on the release early for Luxury Experience, and instrumental Jazz fans are in for a real treat with Seven Angels. John Lake proves his mettle as a dynamic Jazz composer, arranger, and soloist on this dynamic freshman release, so be sure to grab a copy and give it a listen.


John Lake: Seven Angels   

John Lake: Seven Angels 

John Lake - Seven Angels: The Bet, Nightwatch, Ladybird, Whelmed, Intro to Pearls (featuring Steven Feifke), Pearls of the Tartar, A Shade of Jade, Seven Angels, Signal Changes, cloud-down, Everything I Love 

John Lake - Seven Angels Personnel: John Lake - trumpet, Paul Jones - saxophone, Michael Thomas - saxophone, Steven Feifke - piano, Marcos Varela - bass, Jeff Davis - drums 

John Lake - Seven Angels is released on the New York-based recording label, Outside In Music. 

John Lake

John Lake Backstory 

While the music of John Lake was new to me, this New Yorker is well-known in the music world as an extremely talented musician, composer, arranger. His debut Seven Angels release is a heady blend of 11-tracks of exceptional originals and Jazz classics that he breathes new life into as he imparts a contemporary freshness to them. 

The release opens with the gorgeous track, The Bet, a horn driven, powerfully creative fresh take on modern Jazz. Next up is Nightwatch, which Jeff Davis contributes some well-placed serious drum chops to complement the long and lovely piano segments.

Ladybird showcases bass player Marcos Varela whose bass underscores Steven Feifke's piano to create an exceptionally evocative piece. The release continues with Whelmed with its horn opening that marks the pace for this well-paced arrangement.

Intro to Pearls featuring Steven Feifke is hauntingly beautiful with its 1.41-minute solo piano that segues into the upbeat, lively Pearls of the Tartar that really cooks as the band layers in horns, drums, and bass to complement the piano. Sliding into A Shade of Jade, the release continues to hit its mark for a memorable release which showcases John Lake's trumpet mastery. 

John Lake

The title track, Seven Angels, hits the three-quarter mark of this stellar release and it is a stunner, a musical wow of a track. The release continues with 2 more great tracks, Signal Changes and cloud-down, followed by John Lake working his trumpet magic on the closing track, Everything I Love. While John Lake was new to me before his Seven Angels release, he is now firmly planted front and center on my music radar. I am looking forward to hearing more from this talented musician, composer, and arranger. 

Listen to Seven Angels Live Stream Happy Hour on Friday, June 26, 2020 at 7:30 pm EDT:

Listen to The Bet:

For information on John Lake please visit his website: and 

Until next time, keep enjoying the music! 

Websites where you can purchase John Lake: Seven AngelsSiren RecordsPure Pop Records, and Outside in Music. 

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